March 25, 2013

A Quick Run Down

Hey guys!
       So here’s the deal, I have been studying to get my MFA in photography in Georgia this school year. My first quarter started in September. (Yeah, I know, right! Quarters, who does that? Well I’m not going to name names here... I might do that later) I have completed two quarters, well, almost anyways; tomorrow is the last day of the quarter. I have come to the very difficult decision that I am not ready in any way to work toward an MFA. I had no idea what to expect coming into this program. I have concluded that I need to figure out what I’m going to do with my life before I can figure out what I want to make art about and more importantly what I want to convey to others with my art.
    I will be moving back home to Illinois on Friday. (eeek so excited!) I’m not sure where this journey of life is taking me, just in the past month my world has been flipped upside-down and tossed around and honestly, I’m not really sure which way is up. BUT I do know that I have been infinitely happier knowing that I will be returning to my beloved Southern Illinois. If the 18-year-old, hell, even the 21-year-old version of myself were to hear me utter those words all hell would break loose inside of me. Despite some things not really going according to plan once I filled in my family and very close friends on what my decision is I am still ecstatic to be returning home and to find out with God has planned for me.
     Now, just because I will no longer be continuing my education, at least for now, this does not mean that I am giving up art and making photographs, it just means I am abandoning the institution of it. I felt confined and found that I was making art to please everyone around me that is NOT what art is. And honestly, it was a far cry from successful work. I am excited to get back to the wide open and to clear my mind and start enjoying picking up my camera again. I’m very much looking forward to going on long drives and stopping whenever the whim strikes me to photograph. I need to free my mind from the constraint of institutionalized art for a while.
     I do believe in my heart that one day I will return to graduate school. I wish more than anything to make a difference with my art and to teach other young people like myself to see, actually see, not just casually look at the beauty in the world that surrounds us.
     For now I only want to be a 22-year-old young woman. I want to have fun with my friends and my family. I want to reconnect with the carefree happy chica I used to be. The past couple months have really taken a toll on my outlook on life. I want desperately to reverse that. I want to fall in love with myself again.
     I hope you’ll join me on my journey, it’s gonna be a wild ride. And I swear there will rarely be a super serious post like this. I only wanted to get all of this stuff about school off my chest, you, my Tumblrs are some of the firsts to be hearing of my return to So. Ill. An official announcement has not been made other than to those who needed to know. So, I suppose this is the official declaration!

     I’ll be posting lots of photographs, hair and makeup tidbits and so many other random things. May the fun begin.
     Come find me!!
Instagram: EmiKracht

Xoxo Emi K!

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