April 30, 2013

The Liebster Award!

I was nominated for the Liebster award by Jessie from Jessiesstyleblog.blogspot.com, thanks girl! This award is a really fun way to discover new blogs and get to know the bloggers, so I'm really excited to participate!
The Rules!

1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
2. Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award onto and link them in your post.
3. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
6. No tag-backs!

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I LOVE Marvel Comics more than most girls. Like really it is an obsession
2. I'm an only child.
3. I can't whistle.
4. On my left foot I can only control movement in my big toe & my second toe.
5. Ted Drewes is my favorite thing on this entire planet. Come to St. Louis & try it for yourselves!
6. Cardinals baseball makes me a happy camper.
7. I rarely walk anywhere, I dance & bop instead.
8. I'm 5' 6'' & I am the tallest of my group of friends.
9. I have an unnatural obsession with Florida Georgia Line.
10. I hate wearing shoes.

The Questions I was asked:

1. What was the last thing you ate/drank?
Thin Mints - my weakness & water
2. What is the name & brand of your favorite nail polish?
Cajun Shrimp - OPI
I absolutely love the coral color, it's been my favorite for over a year now.
3. What do you do to relax?
I read a lot & listen to a fabulous playlist of Kenny Chesney & Dave Matthews Band.
4. What was the last magazine you read & who was on the cover?
SELF - Kelly Osborne was on the cover. There was an awesome article about her weight loss, exercise, & her finding herself.
5. Who/what is your style inspiration.
I get some inspiration from different posts on pinterest and some from magazines or TV, but honestly I kind of march to the beat of my own drum.
6. London or NYC? Why?
I have never been to London and would LOVE to go, I have been to NYC twice and loved it. But I would have to pick London over NYC, for now,  until I can visit London to make my decision which place I prefer. :)
7. What is the last film you watched?
Playing for Keeps. It has Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dennis Quaid, and the list goes on. It was such a good movie, I really suggest it! It's about soccer & love what more could you ask for?
8. Biggest girl crush?
Jennifer Lawrence, she's kind of badass.
9. Describe in brief your skin care routine & list products you use.
I posted about this, so I'll link it!
This is my night time routine. For morning I skip the makeup removing wipes (the majority of the time, sometimes long nights happen.) After I cleanse my face I'll use a baking soda scrub and rinse with warm water and then proceed with toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, & revitalizing eye roll-on.
10. If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 luxurious items would you choose to be with you?
1. Chris Hemsworth - he may be a person, but he is most definitely luxurious.
2. Baking soda - you can clean lots of things with that stuff.
3. Benadryl -  I have horrendous allergies.
11. Where do you source inspiration for your blog post from?
I get some ideas from pinterest & all over the place, plus I'm pretty imaginative and a lot of ideas just come to me.

The Questions for my nominees:
1. If you had to chose ONE would it be: mascara, foundation, OR lippies?
2. Choose a Hemsworth: Chris or Liam.
3. What is your favorite movie?
4. What is your favorite mascara?
5. You over slept. You have 15 minutes to get out the door. Explain everything you would make SURE to get finished before leaving.
6. What is your go-to body lotion?
7. What beauty product is your biggest vice?
8. Do you have any odd or unconventional items in your beauty routine. i.e. I use baking soda to brush my teeth, deep clean my scalp, & as a scrub.
9. Who is your most watched/favorite you-tuber?
10. What are your can't-live-without beauty products. Limit: 3
11. You have unlimited funds, but can only buy 1 thing. What would you purchase?

My Nominees:

April 22, 2013

Must Haves: Summer 2013! {Hair and Beauty}

     Hair & Beauty Summer Must Haves on My Favorite Day! Summer is my all time favorite time of year. From Cardinals' baseball & concerts in the city to days on the lake & long nights in the country with my friends & family, I love every minute of every summer.
     Summer is a big picture-taking season, there are many events like baseball games, concerts, tailgates, dates and parties of all kinds. I want you all to be looking your best!
  We'll start at the top. No one wants to have their hair looking and feeling like straw from the humidity and drying chemicals in pools. And no one wants their hair weighed down flat from products that keep hair soft. I love my hair to be soft AND big, for years it was either one or the other for this girl! Those days are officially in the past, thanks to these two awesome products!
     This cream is heaven in a bottle. I spray it all over my hair after I wash it and then comb the product through to disperse it evenly throughout my locks.
     As you might have guessed, it has 10 benefits for your locks. It repairs dry hair, adds shine, detangles, a thermal protector, enhances body, & creates silkiness, to name a few benefits. I have long blonde hair (that I don't have trimmed as often as I should) so my ends would get super dry and brittle if I didn't coat them with a nice creamy conditioner. The awesome thing about this product is it doesn't weigh my hair down and I am able to get nice, big beachy waves OR I can smooth my hair with a flat iron without damaging it to no end. It's pretty much an all-in-one product, I only use one other product on my hair most days in the summer. 

     That one other product is Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair.

     I concentrate this product on my ends and very blonde strands.
     This product is also a light weight spray, and one might think it is a bit redundant to use to corrective sprays, but the product has a few essential oils in it that It's a 10 does not. It is just another precaution so my hair doesn't become super damaged, like it has been in the past. (I'm a little bit paranoid and want to keep my hair strong and healthy.)

     Now, on to products I love to keep my face looking healthy and glowing.

     This is a product I NEVER skip no matter the season. Skin cancer is a serious deal, gals. Keep your face and body protected year-round. **end rant** Anyways! After I cleanse and moisturize my face I apply this sunscreen liberally to my face, neck, shoulders and chest. My skin is very sensitive and acne prone, lots of products in the past that have claimed to be aimed toward my skin-type were indeed NOT. I am THRILLED to say that this product works wonders. I wear it daily and do not have problems with breakouts. *yay!* 

     This awesome product packs a huge moisturized punch for my face after a long day outdoors. I spend most of my free time by a pool, on a lake, at baseball games, etc. So, I'm outdoors a lot! This product is nice and refreshing after I come inside from a long hot day. After I wash my face and go about my normal face care routine I will mist this on my face to get another bit of refreshment. And sometimes, even though I preach sunscreen, there are times when I do get burnt. This mist really packs in the moisture to prevent peeling.

 NARS Laguna and Orgasm
     I rarely use foundation in the summer. I just dust Laguna all over my face with a large powder brush. Then take a fluffy blush brush and dust Orgasm on the apples of my cheeks then up my cheek bones and on the bridge of my nose and right above each of my eyebrows. This keeps my face from looking shiny yet still adds a bit of an extra glow.

And now for those peepers!

     I'll use just a dab of this cream shadow on my lids for a bit of extra definition on my eyes. This product is super long wearing and lasts all day even though sweat.

     Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Perversion and Flipside - respectively

     This liner is sooo long-lasting it's not even funny. It will last through a Cardinals game in July. This is somewhat akin to lasting through a stroll through the fires of hell. That stadium is so hot and sitting there you get so sweaty but these liners stay PUT. I use Perversion on my upper lash line and Flipside on my lower for a fun pop of color.

     I'm always on the hunt for waterproof mascara because of the aforementioned reason. I used to spend gobs of money on MUFE Aqua Lash because it was the only thing and wouldn't make me look like a raccoon by midday. Thanks GOODNESS I have found this product. It gets the job done excellently and is a fraction of the cost of Aqua Lash.


    No one likes to kiss dried up, sunburnt lips so keep your pucker moisturized and protected from the sun with some lip balm! My favorite is Maybelline Baby Lips not only because they are super moisturizing and are SPF 20, but also because they have a sheer tint to them so I don't have to worry about a heavy lip stick I can keep my look light and fresh with these gems. 

     And for the body

   I have been using Aveeno for years. It's cheap and I haven't found a lotion that moisturizes quite like this guy does. I rarely ever peel and I always feel like my skin is glowing. I smooth it all over my body after I shower and before bed, I don't necessarily NEED to do this because it really keeps me moisturized all day, it's really just a habit.

     Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 30

      Like I said before, sunscreen is an absolute MUST. I spray this on my body 10-20 minutes before I'll be in the sure to make sure it's good and soaked into my skin before sun exposure and then reapply every 2 hours or so and after towel drying if I get in the water. This product does sting your skin and goes on evenly both must-haves.

     Coconut Lime Breeze - Bath and Body Works

     To me this is what summer smells like, so I'll splash this on before I head out the door to go anywhere and I'll throw the mini version in my purse. I love it!

     Finishing touches - NAILS!

     Red nail polish - ANY brand 
     I live in the heart of Cardinal Nation. We are baseball fanatics here in the Southern Illinois/St. Louis region. Baseball is in our blood. So, while many's summer polish of choice might be bright pink, mine is Cardinal Red.

     Thanks so much for reading Part 1 of my Summer Must Haves here on My Favorite Day. I hope you share this with your friends and stay tuned for Part 2! 

Skin Care: Night Time Routine!

     Taking off your makeup and washing your face at night before bed is a step you should never, I repeat, NEVER skip. Going to bed with your makeup on is basically like posting on social media you’ll have free booze and food; all that bacteria build up from the day is going settle in and invite all their closest microbial infiltrating friends over to set up camp all up in your face. Not cool. In order to have clear, glowing skin it is crucial to remove your makeup, cleanse and exfoliate, tone, and moisturize.

For the last 3 or so weeks I have been using the Simple skin care line. I have really been enjoying the way it makes my face feel. (I have super sensitive skin. It is usually pretty oily but from time to time my face will go through a streak of being as dry as the Sahara, this streak typically lasts 2-3 days. It’s really weird.)

My bedtime facial routine goes a little something like this:
1. I begin using a cleansing wipe to remove all the makeup on my face. These wipes are even gentle enough to use on my eyes! And they usually take off all my waterproof eyeliner and mascara I tend to gravitate toward. (Sometimes I might have to add a bit of eye makeup remover to the wipe.)

2. After I get all the makeup off my face I went it with lukewarm water and massage a nickel-size amount of cleanser all over my face. This Simple cleanser is a gel product, so a little goes a long way. After I have the product spread on my face I wet my Olay spinbrush and move it all around my face. This really breaks up any dirt, grime, etc. left on my face and cleans out my pores. This step usually takes 30 second to a minute, depending on how tired I am or how stressed I am (it really relaxes me for some reason.) After that’s all done I rinse the brush out well. And rinse my face really well with cool water to help close those pores! Then pat my face dry.

3. I let my face dry for a minute or so then I use my toner, also Simple at this point. I’ll saturate a cotton ball and rub it on my face and down my neck. Toner cleans up any residual grime on the mug and helps to close those pores even more. (My pores happen to be annoyingly huge, no matter what I try. However, this product line is helping to close those guys.)

4. And finally moisturize, moisturize, MOISTURIZE! It’s so important, a lot of oily skin girls think that because their skin is oily they can skip this step, FALSE! Don’t do that, your skin will over compensate for lack of moisture and produce more oil, making your face more oily than necessary!  Not so awesome, right? I really like this moisturizer in particular because it is really hydrating without making my skin feel oily or look oily. And with this I only need about a pea size of product, once again a little bit goes a long way.

And there ya have it! Those are the steps I go through every night before bed, pretty low maintenance while still cleansing thoroughly.

**These views are my own and honest opinions. I purchased these products with my own money and am in no way affiliated with any company mentioned.**