May 6, 2013

Review! NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer.


Pores & Primer oh my!
      I'm still trying to jump on the whole primer bandwagon. I understand the concept of primers and I think their probably an awesome thing if you can find one that actually works with your skin type.
The thing is, I never really needed one before. My skin has always been oily, but I have found foundation that works with that and I don't mind take 20 seconds to use a blotting sheet once a day, it's totally fine with me! But now ever since this whole dumb grad school train-wreck (click here for those details!) my skin has been doing some weird things. I started having awful breakouts; not just an occasional zit, but like awful cystic stuff I used to get in high school, my pores opened up to the size of moon craters & I started noticing these black heads that had not previously been an issue. I have the breakouts tamed, thank goodness! I had horrendous acne in high school and I'm always terrified my face, chest, & back will revert to that of 14-16 year old Emily's skin. And the blackheads are starting to disappear as well. I've been using baking soda masks & scrubs and I'm pretty sure that is helping. Anyway, I digress.
 PORES! I have noticed them starting to shrink back up some, but they are still so so noticeable, so I think primer! That's the whole purpose, right? To smooth out fine lines and mask pores. Well I have yet to find one to help with these things and I am not made of money. But this is supposed to be my review on NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer, so let me get to that.

This product did nothing for my face rather than turn it white. Which I get that it's supposed to make your face a crisp canvas for your makeup but this primer straight up turned my face white. And my face has less color than the rest of my body anyway because I put so much sunscreen on it. Not cool, primer! Now, maybe I'm too tanned but I'm not going to apologize for something I can't help! For the sake of trying new things I went ahead and went through my makeup application per usual, and everything went on like normal. So I was able to overlook the whole making me ghost-white detail. But there lies my issue, everything looked like normal, huge visible pores and all.
Not to mention it smells really weird, kind of sulfur-like. After I got my make up all finished my face felt really tight, it was pretty uncomfortable, really. And this wasn't just a sensation that lasted a hot minute, it lasted until I took the stuff off. 

The bottle says: "...Light diffusing effect is perfect for studio photos or taking fun pics with pals." Well, the photographer in me said, might as well test out the "light diffusing effect" bit. I set up my studio lights and shot some photos with the lights, without the lights, with flash, & then with natural light using my reflectors. I shot with both my DSLR & my point and shoot. I did not notice a bit of difference than if I were to shoot with the same lighting techniques and no Photogenic Primer.

So all in all I would say this primer is a big ol' fail! It did not minimize my pores& it did not make my face look better in photos. It claims that it will "...keep you make-up fresh until the party is over." I cannot attest to that claim because it made my face feel so weird I could only stand my makeup to be on my face for about 4 or so hours each time I tested it. Yes, I did use it more than once to make sure I really hated it as much as I thought I did. Thank goodness I only spent about $12 on it, which still kind of irks me because that's $12 that could have been spent on something that I will actually use! Normally I try and use up my products even if I don't particularly like them because I really hate being wasteful. One of those principle things, but I cannot stand the way this makes me face feel. And it smells something awful.

It makes me really sad that my first official review is a negative one, but I just had to put out there how I feel about this product!
I went kind of nuts on the E.L.F. website today and ordered a bunch of new eyeshadows, lip sticks, & a bronzer so I hope to review some of those things once I get them. My fingers are crossed for a positive outcome. I've always had good luck with E.L.F. products in the past, but I'm trying some new things. At $1, $2, & $3 you can't hardly beat the price!

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  1. Boo. This puts me off getting the Smashbox one. I know the price point is pretty different but I'm wary about the 'makes you look extra amazing in photographs' bit. Sarah x

    1. The Smashbox one might be better, but that's a big maybe. If you could get your hands on a sample I would definitely test it out! But I just feel like it's probably just a big hype.