November 20, 2013

*NEW* Smashbox!!!

Smashbox Wondervison

I was nosing around the make up section in Macy's today, who knew Macy's had Smashbox, UrbanDecay, TooFaced, Stilla, etc….?? Not me!
Any who, I found this gem. It comes with a 6 pan pallet, a full sized Full Exposure mascara, a full sized Limitless eyeliner in onyx & 3 get the look cards.

There are 3 different versions of this box. This one: Flash and then Cosmic, a taupe and blue collection & Sparks, a pink and gold collection.

The top pink color is matte the next 3 are metallic finish and the last 2 are satin, as far as I can tell. I haven't used this yet, I just bought it today. So I don't know how anything applies. I have never tried any Smashbox before, but when I swatched the shadows in store they were the most luxurious, buttery feeling shadows I have ever felt! And that is exactly why I bought this.
I haven't been buying makeup lately, especially high end, unless I run out of something. So like I'll buy mascara when I need it. And last week a bought Miracle Blur primer and some under-eye concealer because I ran out and those are two MUST HAVES. Like seriously I cannot go without under-eye concealer, I don't sleep so I NEED it.  But I haven't been buying frivolous things because I just really can't afford it with starting the studio. But I was sad today, so in addition to the Christmas presents I bought, I snagged this for myself. It was $34 something with tax. I thought it was WELL worth this since the mascara is singly priced $19.50 and the eyeliner is $19 so that is $38 right there! Well worth $32 plus!

I'm suped excited to try these products out! 

November 19, 2013

Crocheted Creations

}original pattern{
no, I didn't write one up. I might do that soon.

I have been crocheting up a storm the past couple months, that usually happens when it starts getting cold. I posted some pictures on my instagram and orders started rolling in Which was really weird, because it was only ever something that I did for myself. Not to mention it was really overwhelming with all the studio stuff I have going on. But it's fun for me nonetheless.

Chunky Infinity Scarf. SO WARM! One for myself and several for friends. 
Pattern found here:

Cozy Cable Stitch Headbands
gifts - for my good friend Molly & her sister Megan
Pattern found here:

Infinity Scarf pattern by the Stingy Stitcher
Pattern here:

Puff Stitch Cowl - a gift for my momma
Original pattern, again I didn't write one up. But here is a tutorial on how to make a puff stitch.
Instead of repeating twice, I repeated 4 times, so I had 6 loops on my hook.

And finally here is one of the last ones I worked. And this was for myself! YAY!! It is so warm and cozy! I used 2 skeins Loops & Thread Charisma. And this pattern.