January 31, 2014

January Favorites!

At the beginning of the month my mom & I were completely obsessed with Once Upon a Time. By obsessed I mean we watched season 1, season 2 AND got caught up on the first half of season 3. Did I mention we did this in about 2 and a half weeks. There was a snow storm so we spent all day on a Sunday & Monday not moving from the living room. We then proceeded to watch from 5 until 11 every night until there was no more to watch. We both learned what addiction must feel like. There is a void that cannot & will not be filled until it is back on in March.
I'll give ya one guess what my next favorite is. Yepp, you guessed it. The Stila In The Light palette. I will spare you from rambling on about it any more than I have you can read how much I love it here & here. I can create day & night looks with this pallet, it's basically all I have been using in the way of eyeshadow since I got it on the 17th. 

I've also really been enjoying using this handy little beauty blender knock off. I haven't used a real beauty blender before so I cannot contest if this is a dupe or if it is in any way similar, all I can say is that I do love this. It doesn't absorb much product and it applies & blends my foundation evenly across my face. I wet it much like you would a beauty blender and squeeze all the excess drippies out with a towel to make sure it's not going to be soaking wet. I got this SOHO Beauty Sponge from Walgreens.

My next favorite is a mascara. Benefit They're Real. I have some pretty thick, dark lashes anyways, but this seriously makes them even more ridiculous. They are longer, fuller, & blacker (is that a word? more black?) Seriously this stuff is really fantastic.

I have really been enjoying LAVANILA - Vanilla Blackberry rollerball. In one of my Sephora orders I received a sample of this fragrance & I absolutely loved it. I had been hoarding it up for special occasions. I finally broke down and bought the rollerball size. It was only $19, typical rollerball pricing. I have been wearing this almost every day this month. It smells so good, sweet. Not really what I would call a 'light' fragrance, but it isn't heavy or over powering either. If you like sweet & are looking for a new scent I suggest you try this out.
I think that's about all I have for favorites right now. Thanks for stopping my My Favorite Day! Leave your favorites in the comments! 
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January 29, 2014

Simple Everyday Makeup!

I'm currently working from home and with not many sessions scheduled this time of year I find it hard to get motivated to do much of anything. I find it necessary to have a routine in place for myself. Get up at a decent time. I try to get up before 8 but sometimes that doesn't happen, so if I'm not up before 8, up & attem then! Then I wash my face and make breakfast; usually a green smoothie or cereal. Catch up on the happenings on the interwebs. Then makeup just to get myself in gear to actually get work done.
So here it is, my day in the house or running short errands around town face!

 I start by priming my face with L'oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Pore Vanisher
I then apply L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. Shade Medium.
Today, I used Maybelline Fit Me concealer under my eyes. Shade 20 Sand. Honestly this step varies between this and Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting concealer. Shade Nude.
Then I set it all with Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder. Shade Medium.
Beautiful images of me with unblended product on my face!
and the products!
Now for the eyes!

I apply e.l.f. eyelid primer aaalll over my lid.
I use Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded as a base on the moving part of my eyelid.
I blend Sable, a matte tan, about the same shade as my skin tone, by Ulta into my crease and up toward my brow bone.
To give a little more depth I pop Grace; a light matte purply taupe maybe kind of mauve-y, also by Ulta, into my crease & concentrate it in the outer - v.
Wet n Wild Color Icon Brûlée on my brow bone. A matte cream. Which when searching for a link I found it is apparently discontinued, then an * noting the company is merely changing the SKU numbers (the identification number) so they will be continuing the product. Whew, a relief.
Sephora peach beige in my inner corner. I got this as a sample a while back.
Application process below!
and the products!
I lined my top and bottom lash lines with Covergirl Liquiline Blast in brown, but the name isn't on the packaging. That's annoying
And I used Tarte Lights Camera Lashes. This is a sample size, I have a new regular size but I'm waiting to open it until this is gone! The large tube will be my second full size, I love the stuff!
For my lips I slather on a whole lot of nivea. The stuff it awesome.
Here are some images of the finished look!

Thanks so much for stopping by My Favorite Day, I hope you enjoyed this post! It's super quick and easy.
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I'm really enjoying blogging nearly every day, it's lots of fun for me. 

January 27, 2014

My New Year's Resolution & February Challenge!!

Hey y'all! This year my New Year's resolution is to complete a different fitness challenge every month. I wanted to add a new element to keep my workouts fun and interesting. I like to try to workout at least 4 or 5 days a week & I have found these little challenges give me motivation to get my booty in gear to workout. And who doesn't love a good little personal challenge?

January's challenge was a plank challenge. I will add the time grid to the end of the post! I have to say that I have felt immensely better about myself, both the my appearance & the way I FEEL. I can see results not only in my core but in my arms too, they're rockin'.

For February the challenge is wall sits. The first couple days should be pretty easy (for me) I can do about a minute before I start shouting profanities. ;) I wanted to post this before the end of the month so you can join me in this challenge. I'll share motivation along the way & you share with me. It'll be fun. :) 

Here's the grid of the plank challenge for January.

Tentatively I have an arm challenge set for March, I have yet to nail this down. I'm going to do some more research & planning and will post it toward the end of February!

Check back weekly for updates and motivation! 

Daily Snippets
(I'm writing this on a Sunday night to be posted on Monday morning.)
Today was absolutely gorgeous. It was sunny and I think the temperature hit 60! In January!
Now, as I write this the wind is whipping around & it is the loudest I have ever heard.
I just checked the weather forecast for tomorrow, the high is 10. 60 to 10 in 12 hours. Welcome to Southern Illinois. 

January 26, 2014

iPhone 5 Backgrounds!

Hey y'all! And happy Sunday, I hope you're having a great weekend. Today I have some iPhone backgrounds for you. Click on the images to download to you camera roll & set the background like you normally would! I'm sure these will probably work on other phone models, I just designed the pixels to match the dimensions of the iPhone 5.
In order to see the whole image when set to lock screen or wallpaper you do have to turn 'on' REDUCE MOTION. Sadly this does turn off the fun little icon jiggly effect when you wiggle your phone. (these are all technical terms here) I know, it's kind of annoying, but this is the only way I could resolve the issue. If you have another way that doesn't make the jigglies go away please let me know!!
Anyways, to reduce the motion.
Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > ON.

January 24, 2014

Stila In The Light Tutorial

Maybe I haven't been looking in the right places, but I have found there is a general lack of conversation about how fantastic the Stila In The Light Pallet. It really is phenomenal. You can build TONS of looks from these neutral matte & shimmery shades. Maybe the hype isn't really around for this product because everyone is obsessed with the Urban Decay NAKED collection. Which is great, don't get me wrong, but I mean it's not the only thing out there. These shadows are just as great.

I have decided to put together a little tutorial here using the In The Light Pallet.
Above is a breakdown of which shades I used where. Down below I'll give you a step by step of what I did! 

I started by priming my lids with my elf eyelid primer.
Next I pressed bubbly all over my lid to just under my crease.
Then I used a fluffy brush and blended bliss above my crease and blended out the harsh line that might have been left behind from when I applied bubbly.
I then used a less fluffy crease brush and applied sunset in my crease and made sure to concentrate it more in the outer-v and blended in circular motions toward the inner corner of my eye.
blend blend blend
Next I took luster on a more dense crease brush and laid it in the outer-v. Blend it out well so there are no harsh lines. Go for a smoked out look. While blending I also took it along my upper lashine to extend the smokiness.
I then took my fluffy brush and some more bliss and blended luster and sunset together. Giving it an ombre look.
I went back in with bubbly and tapped it on the middle part of my lid to intensify and give more depth.  I also used a bit of this in my inner corner, but you could use kitten there.
I applied kitten on my brow bone, right underneath the center of my eyebrow and blended it outward toward my temple.
I lined my whole upper lash line with damsel. And lined the outer 2/3 of my lower lash line. I smudged luster along the top lash line to soften the look & took gilded gold and sunset along the bottom. 

Here's the finished look!
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