January 31, 2014

January Favorites!

At the beginning of the month my mom & I were completely obsessed with Once Upon a Time. By obsessed I mean we watched season 1, season 2 AND got caught up on the first half of season 3. Did I mention we did this in about 2 and a half weeks. There was a snow storm so we spent all day on a Sunday & Monday not moving from the living room. We then proceeded to watch from 5 until 11 every night until there was no more to watch. We both learned what addiction must feel like. There is a void that cannot & will not be filled until it is back on in March.
I'll give ya one guess what my next favorite is. Yepp, you guessed it. The Stila In The Light palette. I will spare you from rambling on about it any more than I have you can read how much I love it here & here. I can create day & night looks with this pallet, it's basically all I have been using in the way of eyeshadow since I got it on the 17th. 

I've also really been enjoying using this handy little beauty blender knock off. I haven't used a real beauty blender before so I cannot contest if this is a dupe or if it is in any way similar, all I can say is that I do love this. It doesn't absorb much product and it applies & blends my foundation evenly across my face. I wet it much like you would a beauty blender and squeeze all the excess drippies out with a towel to make sure it's not going to be soaking wet. I got this SOHO Beauty Sponge from Walgreens.

My next favorite is a mascara. Benefit They're Real. I have some pretty thick, dark lashes anyways, but this seriously makes them even more ridiculous. They are longer, fuller, & blacker (is that a word? more black?) Seriously this stuff is really fantastic.

I have really been enjoying LAVANILA - Vanilla Blackberry rollerball. In one of my Sephora orders I received a sample of this fragrance & I absolutely loved it. I had been hoarding it up for special occasions. I finally broke down and bought the rollerball size. It was only $19, typical rollerball pricing. I have been wearing this almost every day this month. It smells so good, sweet. Not really what I would call a 'light' fragrance, but it isn't heavy or over powering either. If you like sweet & are looking for a new scent I suggest you try this out.
I think that's about all I have for favorites right now. Thanks for stopping my My Favorite Day! Leave your favorites in the comments! 
Check back for Tootsie Pops & Cookies!

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