January 27, 2014

My New Year's Resolution & February Challenge!!

Hey y'all! This year my New Year's resolution is to complete a different fitness challenge every month. I wanted to add a new element to keep my workouts fun and interesting. I like to try to workout at least 4 or 5 days a week & I have found these little challenges give me motivation to get my booty in gear to workout. And who doesn't love a good little personal challenge?

January's challenge was a plank challenge. I will add the time grid to the end of the post! I have to say that I have felt immensely better about myself, both the my appearance & the way I FEEL. I can see results not only in my core but in my arms too, they're rockin'.

For February the challenge is wall sits. The first couple days should be pretty easy (for me) I can do about a minute before I start shouting profanities. ;) I wanted to post this before the end of the month so you can join me in this challenge. I'll share motivation along the way & you share with me. It'll be fun. :) 

Here's the grid of the plank challenge for January.

Tentatively I have an arm challenge set for March, I have yet to nail this down. I'm going to do some more research & planning and will post it toward the end of February!

Check back weekly for updates and motivation! 

Daily Snippets
(I'm writing this on a Sunday night to be posted on Monday morning.)
Today was absolutely gorgeous. It was sunny and I think the temperature hit 60! In January!
Now, as I write this the wind is whipping around & it is the loudest I have ever heard.
I just checked the weather forecast for tomorrow, the high is 10. 60 to 10 in 12 hours. Welcome to Southern Illinois. 

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