January 24, 2014

Stila In The Light Tutorial

Maybe I haven't been looking in the right places, but I have found there is a general lack of conversation about how fantastic the Stila In The Light Pallet. It really is phenomenal. You can build TONS of looks from these neutral matte & shimmery shades. Maybe the hype isn't really around for this product because everyone is obsessed with the Urban Decay NAKED collection. Which is great, don't get me wrong, but I mean it's not the only thing out there. These shadows are just as great.

I have decided to put together a little tutorial here using the In The Light Pallet.
Above is a breakdown of which shades I used where. Down below I'll give you a step by step of what I did! 

I started by priming my lids with my elf eyelid primer.
Next I pressed bubbly all over my lid to just under my crease.
Then I used a fluffy brush and blended bliss above my crease and blended out the harsh line that might have been left behind from when I applied bubbly.
I then used a less fluffy crease brush and applied sunset in my crease and made sure to concentrate it more in the outer-v and blended in circular motions toward the inner corner of my eye.
blend blend blend
Next I took luster on a more dense crease brush and laid it in the outer-v. Blend it out well so there are no harsh lines. Go for a smoked out look. While blending I also took it along my upper lashine to extend the smokiness.
I then took my fluffy brush and some more bliss and blended luster and sunset together. Giving it an ombre look.
I went back in with bubbly and tapped it on the middle part of my lid to intensify and give more depth.  I also used a bit of this in my inner corner, but you could use kitten there.
I applied kitten on my brow bone, right underneath the center of my eyebrow and blended it outward toward my temple.
I lined my whole upper lash line with damsel. And lined the outer 2/3 of my lower lash line. I smudged luster along the top lash line to soften the look & took gilded gold and sunset along the bottom. 

Here's the finished look!
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