February 11, 2014

Chit Chat - It's cold, y'all!

I keep hearing people referring to Chicago as 'Chiberia.' Which is punny and I kinda like it. But wayyyy down here in Southern Illinois it is just as friggin cold. And true to form no one gives a damn about us down here in 'the middle of nowhere.' So I'm dubbing this S.I.beria. we are living in legitimate Siberia, in that it is cold and nobody thinks we exist out here. Yesterday we made it all the way up to 13, when I awoke the temp was -6. I suppose in retrospect it warmed up quite a bit! As I'm writing this it is a whopping 5 degrees. My Accuweather is telling me that it will get up to 20 today, but it is a poor day for outdoor fitness. 
It has been so unbelievably cold this season, it is notably the coldest winter I can remember in my 23 years. In addition to my memory my parents cannot remember a colder winter either. All I hear is talk of the snow of 82. Apparently is was a snowfall of nearly 20 inches. But still not this cold. In true So. Ill. fashion it snowed damn near 2 feet and was gone in 4 days. Because, that is what USUALLY happens here, it snows an incredible amount and then shoots up to 50 degrees for a day, then back to the 20s. And I am totally okay with this. However, this year it has been hovering between 0 & 20 for months now. Aside from the random 2 days (not consecutive, mind you) that were seriously 50 degrees. One was a Saturday. One was a Monday. And they were weeks apart.
We have had some form of snow and/or ice on the ground since January 5. I am not a fan. Luckily, I have not fallen! Yet... Now that I proclaim this I will most definitely bust my ass. I'm going to counteract this statement with: I fell into my car on Saturday. I was bending down to sit in my car and my feet slid right out, I tumbled into my car and honked my horn. Kinda comical.
I hope this is enough to convince the powers that be to keep me on my feet.
Oh! Also, this is the first year I can remember snow on my birthday. And it wasn't exactly something worth celebrating. We got 8 freaking inches. I was in my office working on some things after lunch, my daddy took me to my favorite restaurant in town, by the way. Anyways, I had the blinds drawn bc editing images with sunshine flowing into the eyes makes for crap color balance. When I started no form of precipitation was coming out of the sky. 45 minutes, maybe an hour later, I emerged to refill my drink and there were 2 effing inches on the ground. TWO INCHES OF SNOW IN 45 MINUTES! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???? I am fed up with this shit. Fed up, I tell you!
Looking forward to the 10 day forecast things seem to be perking up for us out here. 50s next week?! WHAT?? YES! (these are legitimate first impressions, I didn't research this before writing.) But fret not, the next week calls for ice again. I just really hope it is warms up a bit for Mardi Gras, I'm heading to St. Louis and it's my first time celebrating this truly fantastic holiday! 
This e-card encompasses my feelings toward my fellow Southern Illinoisians:
Be forewarned friends, I will actually punch you in the face. Twice if the situation calls for it. And not just the first person. Every person who openly has a qualm with 90 degrees and 100% humidity gets knocked. Got it? ;)
End rant on the cold.
In other news, my March issues of InStyle and Glamour arrived today. The InStyle is seriously an inch thick! Speaking of these 2 publications, I didn't actually subscribe for them. They just started showing up in October, I think. I'm not complaining. If you're interested the only publication I actually subscribe to is SELF. I LOVE that magazine. Lots of great workouts and motivation. I recommend it!
My dad has also allowed me to park my car in his spot in the garage for the past couple days. Normally I'm stuck in the drive. But that's fine, he pays the bills he deserves a warm truck. But lately he has been parking in the shed, I think I know his motives though. The shed is heated, therefore an even warmer truck! But hey, that's okay with me. My car is closer and I don't have to brave the wind to get to it! 

Have a FABULOUS Tuesday, friends! 

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