February 21, 2014

Fave Five Friday #3

Hey pretty people & happy Friday!! Raise your hand if you're ready for the weekend, I know I am! Wanna know why?? Besides the fact that it's the weekend. Tomorrow, Feb 22 is National Margarita Day. It's my favorite holiday! I dress like its spring/summer & partake in copious amounts of margs & tequila shots. Celebrate with me, tweet me your pics or tag me on insta insta @emikracht #nationalmargaritaday

On to my high 5 of the week!
1. On Wednesday my contractors aka Dad & Uncle started demo on my (and my dad's) building! Roof prep starts on Monday, weather permitting & I should have a new roof by the end of next week! (YAY) And then siding & windows (2 thumbs up for north light) & interior walls. When it's all done I'm going to have a fabulous boutique studio. 

2. We had a pretty great Valentine's Day. We didn't go anywhere, we just cooked dinner & watched netflix & made fancy popcorn. Nothing too crazy. He got me a dozen roses & chocolate covered strawberries! noms! I made him some pretty cool word art and framed it up for him.

3. Yesterday was the first day in a really long time I woke up and there was no snow on the ground!! It was fabulous and reached like 60! Then it started to storm and tornado. Not so good, but I'm happy the snow is gone.

4. Reading this article about me & my sisters with chronic bitch face. We can't help it, y'all. Also, the giggle fit turned cackle fest that ensued as I read it while waiting on my oil to be changed.  Not to worry, I got sideways glances & looks of distain from strangers. They can go away.

5. Last night after the Olympics Blake Shelton sang Whenever Wherever. It was magical. Then Shakira sang Boys Round Here. THEN Usher sang Love Somebody the rest of the gang joined in. My god it just kept getting better Adam sang Without You. It was captivating. I kept rewinding. Huge Voice fan, always love Blake & Adam, especially loving the seasons with Shakira & Usher! 

Fun tidbit of the week: It's Tricky came on my shuffle while I was on the treadmill yesterday. That song makes me happy happy. I rocked out. I received some sideways glances for that too. Not worried about it. Not a whole lot of people in the gym at the random time of 1 in the afternoon. 
Since it's Friday we're gonna #backthatazzup with Whitney
In honor of RUN - D.M.C. & my gym rat jam sesh
It's Tricky by Run-D.M.C. on Grooveshark
AND because Shakira is a magical creature
Wherever, Whenever by Shakira on Grooveshark

Have yourself a dance party & a happy weekend! Remember National Margarita Day, y'all!
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  1. Heck yes to Run DMC! Sounds like one of me and my husband's living room dance parties! haha! What kind of boutique studio?! That's exciting! And that article is hilarious. In high school a guy told me that before he actually talked to me and realized I was actually fun and nice that he was really intimidated by the way I would walk the halls with such a serious face...and my husband still makes fun of the way I watch tv. He says I always look mad! I'm going to tell him I have "chronic bitch face!" hahaha
    Eva Marie

    1. It will be a photography studio! The boutique style of studio is one that is extremely personal and hands-on. With different props, backgrounds & for every session I like to design a scene personalized to the client. I like to be very much involved in all steps of the process so I do in person viewings and consultations. I also off an array of unique display options. My most popular being a Designer Book. The client gets to be involved in hand picking the images I include (if they want to) and then I design a personalized 20 page book for them. Sorry, I always get long winded and go off on a tangent when I talk about my job. I'm obsessed with it! I loved that article, I love the "NOTHING IS WRONG! IT'S JUST MY FACE!"

  2. How in the world did I not know that tomorrow is national margarita day?!!

    1. Lisa, that's the feeling I had when I first discovered the 'holiday' 2 years ago! I have now made it my life's mission to let everyone know about it!

  3. Hi Emily, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post about Centralia. That's funny! I did a google search and saw that there was another town called Centralia but the one in PA is abandoned. That's okay, no one talks about the town I'm from either.