February 28, 2014

Fave Five Friday #4

Raise your hand if your sick of me being mopey! I AM!

It's time for Friday Fives, my most memorable moments, favorite things, etc. So let's hop right on into my Fave Five, shall we! I was easily able to come up with these too. I didn't have to dig.

1. On Saturday we were watching Rock of Ages and Julianne Hough came on the screen singing with her hair blowing all Farrah-esque and Bug (my main man, he's 3) pointed at the tv & said, "Emmy!! Emmy!! Emmy's on tv!!!" This really should be all five, I win for the week. 

2. On Tuesday night my dad & I watched wisdom teeth youtube for a solid 40 minutes. It was probably more. And it was awesome. I loved every minute of it. Let me tell you that this one is worth all 15 minutes and 44 seconds. It's hilarious.
You can't hit the unicorn, because that would be bad. very very very bad. very bad.  You gotta buy her flowers and take that girl to a ball.

3. I added some purple to my hair yesterday. Mardi Gras is this weekend so it's festive. Like I need an excuse, let's get real. It's awesome. Plus it's been 2 years since I've had any purple in my hair, far too long. For about a year my whole head was purple. It was really dark so you could only tell it was purple in certain light, but purple nonetheless! 

4. Grey's was back on this week!!! YES! OH MY GOD. I won't tell you anything, because I'm well aware that not everyone is a freak like me that has to watch it live. No DVR-fastforward even though I have the capabilities. It was amazing. Watch it immediately!

5. I upped my weight on everything this week & it felt fantastical! If only I could stop with the wine and shit diet I might see more definition & results. But I like wine & tacos & pizza. Not sorry. I will be come summer though. 

What are your weekend plans? Anything extra fun planned? #STLmardigras
Let's #backthatazzup & get this weekend rollin with miss Whitney
This song makes me wanna white girl dance, so that's precisely what I'm gonna do. I've also been known to actually roar at people while white girl dancing to this song. It was a party bus, no shame. 
Roar - Katy Perry by Roar - Katy Perry on Grooveshark

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