February 14, 2014

Fave Five Friday! #2

This weekend my birthday celebrations came to a close. *insert sadface here*  All good things must come to an end. I've never understood why that is such a darn popular saying. I say WHY, why must all good things end? I guess to balance the universe. There was an episode of Charmed that addressed that; each plane had to have some element of 'greater good' & 'evil' because if one plane housed all the evil, then all hell (hmmm not the correct word) well, if all of the evil was contained in one place the same with all the good, the good would be like wayyy too good and every little wrong doing would be punishable, like saying damn or parking somewhere you're not supposed to would get you shot. I would be way dead by now.

Boy, do I digress! It's the season 6 finale of Charmed, by the way.
Anyway, I had a great week & my Friday Fives are as follows:

1) On Friday Ryan was finally able to trek through the snow to get to me. He gifted me opening day tickets for my birthday!!!! GO BIRDS! Along with a bottle of Illinois Cellar Velvet Red, an all time favorite & a minion bracelet. I'm really not sure how he knows me so well so quickly, but I'm completely okay with this! It's 52 days until Opening Day at Busch Stadium, if you were curious. I know you were. In addition to these gifts he bestowed upon my undeserving ass he also supported my copious drinking habits all weekend the weekend before last. I'm such a lucky girl! ;)
The minion bracelet is fantastic!

2) Another birthday gift, my bestest friend made me a "Fanciest of Popcorns" book. Filled with all kinds of delectable fancy popcorn recipes! Can't wait to make these delightful treats!! Also, she and I started working out on Monday, she basically kicked my ass. But that's okay! I've been enjoying getting to see her more & learning new things! (I know you're reading this, thanks girl!)

3) I won a merch bundle from one of my favorite new musicians! I talked about this on Wednesday, too! I can't wait to see what all comes to my door! Pretty freaking pumped!

4) THIS WINE! Bianchi New Age Red Wine. Get your bum to the nearest World Market. STAT. It's sparkling & if that isn't enough to get you on your feet, then we can't be friends any more. I kid, I kid. But seriously it is delicious! One of my best frans & I shared a bottle a while back. I was having an especially hard day. A hard time with a friend (a boy, imagine that) & had one hell of a day at work. She had just gotten a puppy, this wine & she also provided pumpkin pie. Obviously my hard day was instantly turned around! I kept going on incessantly about how much I LOVED this wine. It is carbonated for chrissake! And so sweet, but not sickening sweet. It's basically the nectar of Gods. She gifted me a bottle for Christmas and I was telling her that I still hadn't drank it because I knew it was so damn delicious, I was hoarding. So she also gifted me a bottle for my birthday. I proceeded to drink a whole bottle on Friday. The only place either of us has been able to find it is World Market, so if someone knows of somewhere else I can procure this, get at me! 

5) My final favorite was going to be about the mani I got this week. It's pretty friggin' great. But as I'm writing this The U.S.A. just won Gold, Silver, & Bronze in Men's Freestyle Skiing. And that is far more great than any one thing I could ever describe as a favorite. I LOVE how the Olympians get teary-eyed on the Olympic Podium while the National Anthem is playing. It's emotionally moving. I don't cry, and I teared up just now. It's a great accomplishment for those 3 young men. They've made history. It's truly amazing. Not to mention the fantastic skills they throw on those jumps. I can't even imagine. AND they're younger than I, and have accomplished so much more than I could imagine. It makes me proud.

I'm totally still going to throw in the image of my nails. It's necessary. How awesome are the sprinkles, as I named them. I'll be famous. 
Have a great weekend & a happy Valentine's day, whatever you may be doing! 

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  1. I love your nails! Happy (late) birthday! And sadly, Springfield, MO doesn't have a World Market, so we always have to hit it up when we visit St. Louis (along with Trader Joes).

    1. Thank you & Thank you!! The nearest World Market to me is about an hour away & I have to go to STL for Trader Joes too, I think we should start a petition to have a trader joes in every town. It's necessary!

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!!
    xo Hollie