February 18, 2014

oh.my.god. Becky, look at her butt

IT IS SO BIG. Yepp, I went there. Today we're gonna talk about butts. I could squat until my legs fell off. Rest assured that it would only be my lower legs falling off, because my big ol booty & thighs will still be there.

The big booty struggle is real, everything fits weird! It took me 20 years to find pants that fit me. Okay, Okay. Maybe I exaggerate when I say 20 years. But it has at least been 8 years. I discovered GAP jeans in the summer on 2012, I was 21 and it was beautiful. Jeans that don't gap at the waist?! Such a thing exists?! Why am I just now finding these?! All thoughts that ran through my mind.

These jeans fit me in every facet. Seriously some Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, magic jeans shit. Only I wasn't sharing these with 3 other people, just me. The 1969 Always skinny. The moment I put them on my life was changed. No more struggling to find jeans that fit my small waist & big ol bum. They didn't gap at my waist; they fit WELL. They weren't too tight on my ass; they fit WELL. They didn't show off every bump and jiggle of my thighs. AND they fit my calves well; they weren't baggy. They were quite pricey, but GAP has pretty awesome sales a lot. In the summer of 2013 I  the discovered the 1969 legging jean. SAME feeling when I tried them on. I have collected several pairs of each. It's a love affair that has been going on a year & a half. I have donated or sold all of my other jeans. 

This is my tale ending the quest for perfect jeans.
And then there is this video, it cracked my shit up. SO TRUE.

And there you have it, a peek into the randomocity that fills my head while I shower! I really need a scribe while I'm in there.

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