February 12, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday!!

Saturday I went to visit my best friend in Evansville. She goes to school there and one of our favorite bands/friends played at a bar down there. (Drew Baldridge, if you're interested. Check him out!) I always like to bust out my chambray. I have about 4 pieces and I'm obsessed with them all, but this is definitely my favorite & most worn. It is from Target. I paired it with a hunter green shirt with pink flowers and a pink bauble necklace, both from Maurice's. And jeggings from GAP. When I am seen in what appears to be denim it is safe to assume I am cheating. I hate jeans, more likely than not the denim on my body is stretchy. The boots are also a current favorite, they are from Macy's & always a big hit! And comfortable to boot. (Sorry, I had to.) Do you like my friend's mirror? It says "You are Beautiful!" I LOVE it!
This next one is my typical 'day at the office outfit.' I work from home, so when I am editing or blogging I don't typically get all dressed up. Comfy tee, sweater/cardigan, & leggings and I am set!. For purposes of photographing the post I put on some flats. Promptly after the shoot I removed them and put my fuzzy socks back on. I can be seen in fuzzy socks 98% of the time from October - April. Now, mind you, when I have a session or a potential/current client coming over I will put jeans and shoes on. I like to look presentable and not like a bum a dee bum.

I wear this jewelry nearly every day. My necklace was a high school graduation gift from Momma & Daddy. (I can't believe it's been 5 years, in May) The rings on my right pointer finger are Silpada. The feather ring on my right ring finger is Pandora. My earrings and bracelets are all Pandora as well. Obsessed much? My cardigan is from American Eagle, ages ago and my tee is from Express. This weekend at Express was 50% off already marked down clearance. The shirt was $4.99, jealous? Leggings are Target. 

I'm writing this up on Tuesday, you probably guessed that by the 5AM post-mark. I am not some crazed person whom stays up all night writing posts… yes, I am. But I didn't  do that this time! 
Anyways, right after I wrote yesterday's post I got a tweet from one of my favorite country musicians! Yessir, you read that correctly. I got a tweet from Jared Wade! He had a Free Merch Friday give away and I was one of 3 winners. lucky ducky. I thought that was a nice upspin to my cold cold day (I made up the word upspin, couldn't find another suitable term) I am ecstatic about the win!

Give Drew & Jared a listen.

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. I love that mirror! I think we need to remind ourselves more often how beautiful we are, both inside and out! X Jane http://janeheinrichs.blogspot.com