February 26, 2014

We're Getting There

Hi Friends! I tried. On Tuesday I really tried to get all pretty & get dressed up for Wardrobe Wednesday. In fact, I actually did it all. I went out to photograph the look & froze so I retreated inside & set up to shoot. I got a few shots I liked, kinda. The dress really should be shot outside. I'm still not feeling myself. I started having focusing issues & I got all flustered. It was best I called it quits before something unfortunate happened. So, I made some more coffee, which probably wasn't a great choice since I was already jittery. Eh. And I started to clean more. Here's what I took for #fotd

So today I share with you a look at my absolute favorite piece of clothing in my closet. It's a gem, I tell you. A Saint Louis Zoo crew neck sweat shirt circa 1999. This thing is so comfy. Not to mention about 3 sizes too big. I can only imagine how funny this looked on a 4th grader. It was purchased on an end of the year field trip. Everyone was dressed for summer, because it was. And it started to rain, storm, & be flippin cold. This is what was left by the time we made it to the gift shop. I also can only imagine how expensive this was.

This morning I worked on tax & insurance crap. Not exactly exciting stuff, but it takes thought & a bit of brain power so that's been keeping my mind from wandering. 

I've been telling myself for weeks I will finally get caught up with the blog posts for my business. I like to do quick little write ups about the session and share a few images. Just so everyone can get a glimpse of my day. Because I know that everyone is just dying to know what my days are like *insert sarcastic grin here* So that is precisely what I am doing today.

The blog was set up with Wordpress and that's just annoying and difficult to work with so this morning I switched all existing posts to Blogger & made new collages because I have no idea what I did with the old ones. Welcome to my life. This afternoon I will work on new posts. There are like 20 of them, so I don't foresee myself finishing that up today. But at least I started the process! It's a resolution this year to do the posts as the sessions come so they aren't all stacked up and I end up having to do 20 at a time. Or at least weekly.

I have consumed an extremely large amount of caffeine today. And it's only noon.
An alarm system is being installed today, this should be interesting.
The next person to invite me to play Candy Crush is getting unfriend-ed.
I'm pretty sure this blog has turned into a lifestyle blog with a touch of makeup & fashion. I kinda thought it'd be a beauty & fashion blog with a touch of lifestyle. Not mad about it.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. That sweatshirt rocks!! ;) and people are still playing Candy Crush?! Isn't there a new game yet to get addicted to and annoy your friends with? And about coffee...I literally drink a whole pot to myself throughout the day! :)
    Eva Marie

    1. Oh my gosh, it so does! I wear it constantly. Yes, apparently people still play it, I never got into it, I heard it was addicting so I decided to stay away. I have an addictive personality. Oh coffee coffee coffee. I love the stuff. Can't get enough. Usually 2-3 k-cups a day. But my caffeine consumption doesn't stop there. Crystal light energy packets are also a 2-3 a day thing. The strawberry ones