March 5, 2014

10 favorite things - the place(s) I call home

I have come to really love living Centralia. A few years ago I wouldn't have ever said any such thing. I liked it okay for growing up but I wanted the hell out. I got out & loved where I moved to, St. Louis.  Then on to Savannah, didn't care for that so much. And now I'm back in Centralia. So I'm gonna split this 5 & 5 because I still call STL home too.

Let's start with Centralia, shall we?

1. I'm gonna be cheesy & mooshy here for a hot minute. My family is here, which is the ultimate reason I moved back from Georgia. I hated being so far away from my family & my friends.

2. Our high school mascot is the Centralia Orphans. Once an Orphan, always an Orfan. (Now, before you go getting all offended there is a story behind this. And it is in no way making light of children without parents.) There are several stories behind the name one of them being; way back in the day our school was so poor that we couldn't afford matching uniforms and we showed up to the state tournament and a reporter from Chicagoland said the players looked like a bunch of Orphans, but they could sure play basketball. So, there ya have it. We're the Orphans. We boast the winningest high school basketball team in America. In 2013 we won the USA Today title of Most Unique (pretty sure  it's actually unusual) Mascot. People in this town unite around the Orphans & it's a truly great experience.

3. This is a love/hate one. Everyone knows everyone. I like it because it's very helpful when starting your own business, hitching a ride home from the bar, etc. Hate it bc you can't do a darn thing without everyone knowing you had 3 or 5 Tequilas margaritas & made a few questionable choices.

4. Speaking of Tequilas. Tequilas. I'm about 98% sure this in no way resembles real Mexican food but I love it. I would eat it every day if I could. I'm gonna add Jerry's & Monical's in here too. Small town eateries at it's finest. If you think this looks like it tastes like regret & bad decisions you, my friend, would be 100% correct in that. It's also really good. This, however, is a blue one. clearly. I usually don't get these. It's just the only picture of one I had. Which I find really hard to believe bc I know I have taken pictures of at least 100 Tequilas margs. Oh well.

5. The stars. I love seeing the stars. You can't see the stars in STL or Savannah.

On to STL!

6. Cardinals Baseball, obviously. I live for summer & baseball games. Beer, backpack margarita man, & nachos, (that will undoubtedly give me heart burn, or in one exceptionally awful experience a gall bladder attack. I think I was supposed to be on a date too. I was told that later. However, I was under the impression I was just sitting in some awesome seats with an old friend.) I digress, anyway. I LOVE the Cardinals, like seriously more than anything else on the planet.

7. Cardinals Baseball. haha just kidding.. kind of. Anyways. Ted Drewes, the best of the best. The most amazing custard you will ever put in your mouth. I recommend the TerriMizzou.

8. The STL zoo. It really is the best zoo I have ever been too. I'm pretty certain it is nationally ranked.

9. All of the little quirky cities inside the city. The Hill, Soulard, Downtown, Dogtown. I could go on. Each has it's own uniqueness about it. The Hill: the Italian part of town. Soulard: French (even more so than the rest of the predominately French city) Dogtown: Irish. Downtown: tourist, but hey, that's okay. It's still amazing.

10. The Arch. I bet you thought I wasn't going to mention it didn't you? How could I not! The Gateway to the West. A symbol of new beginnings. It is a beautiful piece of architecture.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share (read: brag about) my favorite parts of my hometowns. This is a great link up & an awesome way to learn about new places! Thanks for the opportunity Brianna! I'm excited to see what next month's topic is!

Have a goodnight/good day! I know it's late but I started writing & couldn't stop. Nor did I want to wait to post this! That's how much I love the idea. Plus the words were falling out almost faster than I could type.

Endlessly BeLoved  

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