March 27, 2014

Baseball got ya stressed?

Hi friends!

Today while I was tanning (yes, I know it's bad for me. No, I don't plan on quitting anytime soon) Anywhoodles, I get some good thinking done in the tanning bed; that & the shower. Something about not being able to record my thoughts really gets my mind a whirling.

Let's start this again. Today while I was tanning I got to thinking that I have been in a complete shit mood for the better part of the last month & a half. Not every day, I have some good ones & I have some really good ones, but for the most part I've been in a shitty ass mood. I'm unemployed, single & living with my parents. It's been a big effing pitty party & it is time it comes to an end.

If we're being real here, no one wants to hang out with someone who is in a bad mood all the time. I don't even want to be around myself most the time lately. 

Today is the day that is ENDS. Okay, after April 7 will be the day that it ends. Why April 7 you ask? Well friend, April 7 is Cardinals Home Opener (it's a holiday, so it gets caps) And I have tickets. And it's really starting to stress me out. That's a lie, it has already stressed me to my maximum capacity. Now you're saying to yourself, this girl LOVES baseball. Why does having some of the most coveted tickets stress her out?

And that's a great question. You might remember a certain birthday post that listed what I got from a certain douchebag. That gift included these Opening Day tickets. Awesome, right? Yes, it was until he decided to say see ya later. And now, I have these fucking tickets (sorry for that f-bomb but it's how I feel) And using them is legit stressing me out. I can't find anyone to go with. And the whole event has been this awful weight looming over my head for MONTHS.

This is the first time in God knows how long that I haven't looked forward to Opening Day. I want it to come & go like a ship in the night. I want it to go away so I can start looking forward to baseball games & moving on with my life. 

Next year will be different; I will once more look forward to this holiday & be super pumped but for now, NO.

I know it's the root of my horrible attitude. I can't shake it.

I'm completely aware that this sounds ridiculous. And I have so many things to look forward to & be thankful for. I'm just caught up. I want be able to let it go. Let all of it go. And that's not going to happen until this is over with.

Until then I will be occupied with After Dark :D, then taking calls for my spring special, & then I have sessions the whole next weekend. Then it's here. I will go like a good Saint Louisian. I will drink beer & have nachos. And I will probably enjoy myself. But I just want it to be over with.

In closing, I have an extra ticket to the Cardinals Home Opener, who wants to go drink away that ignorant, stupid-ass, man boy with me? The ticket is free. I'll even go halvesies on a hotel room. Here's my number: call me, maybe. 

End Rant. 

Love you, mean it. 

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