March 17, 2014

Beauty Stuff I SUCK at!

Hey there, pretty people! This is a tag that's been rolling around the interwebs for a while now. And after opening a mascara that smelled like straight gasoline today, I thought I'd hop right on that train.

Let's just jump right in!

1. Throwing things away! I SUCK at this. I came across a mascara today & thought "I haven't used this in a while, let's do that." I opened it and it REEKED. Seriously y'all, it smelled so bad. I promptly screwed the cap back on & thought about when I bought it. A year ago. 12 months. That's 4 times longer than one should technically keep a mascara lying around. In the trash it went along with another one. 

2. Washing my brushes. I can't be bothered. Every once in a while I will. I wash my foundation brush weekly because it gets cakey & gross. It's easier to wash it than try and fix my makeup after the brush screws it up. But the other ones, nah.

3. Tweezing my eyebrows or having them waxed. That's a pain. And I HATE paying $12 to have them waxed. Like seriously, $12?!? Just because they can. RUDE. I keep up with my inbetweeners, because a unibrow is not cute. But the others, when I feel like it.

4. Filling in my brows. They're thick anyways. Sometimes I have this weird bald spot on my left one, but oh well. Not worried about it.

5. Changing out my bath sponge thing. I know TMI & gross, but sooo true!

6. Changing out my razors.

7. Switching my brush on my Olay face brush thing.

That's about all I can think of right now. What are some things that you aren't so great at? I know I'm not the only one who keeps nasty old mascara lying around. Or am I?!! hahah

Have a fabulous week, y'all!

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