March 3, 2014

CK one color mascara -review-

Hi pretties & happy Monday! This week I am back & a little late to get this posted, but that's okay because at least I'm back on schedule after last weeks minor melt down.

This year at Ulta the birthday gift for rewards members is a FULL-SIZE CK One Color Mascara. To buy the product out right it is $18, so this is basically a steal. Calvin Klein's makeup line is offered exclusively at Ulta. The price for the mascara is in the same range as Tarte or Urban Decay.

The wand for this guy is pretty unique. From what I can tell the comb/bristly guys are plastic BUT the unique part is that it twists to either be spread out to add length or compact for volumized lashes.

The very first time I used this I LOVED it.  I used the spread out wand. My lashes were long, pretty & were basically like hands grabbing at people from my face. ha! Staying power was awesome; no smudge-y raccoon eyes. Then it came time to take the stuff off. Can we talk about a pain in the butt? It took me 2 waterproof eye makeup remover soaked cotton balls to remove this. I'm talking 2 for each eye, not total. And I'm pretty sure that didn't even get all of it. This is great if you want your makeup to last 5 days. Not so great if you want to take it off every night. 

I wanted to try it out a few more days before I gave a full review. And I'm glad that I did, because the next couple of times I used it I didn't much care for it. The application was a complete 180. I used the compact wand the second time I tried it. My lashed we clumpy & I didn't really like the way it looked. It might have been user error. I could have waited too long in between coats that caused to clumpies.

The next time I used it I photographed the application for review. I used the spread out wand since I used that the first time & really like it. And this is what happened: a little bit of a clump club. Is that a thing? We can make it one.

My right eye has one coat of mascara on it. They look full, but I felt as if they were too clumpy for my personal tastes. They kinda look spider lashy. Not my style. But I must say for one coat it is pretty impressive. 

So my conclusion for this product is: I will continue using it until it's gone, because wasting a free high end mascara is a little dumb. I like it well enough not to completely write it off. But, I will not repurchase it with my own doll hairs after I use it up. I like other mascaras that cost less than $18 more than I like this one. Have you tried this product? If so, what do you think? 

Have a fantastic week y'all! 
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