March 21, 2014

Fave Five Friday #7

Hey there pretty people! It's that time of week again, time to recap the 5 best things!

1. IT'S SPRING!!! Warm weather & summer are sooo close.

2. My little shop is coming along quite nicely, they have started the wainscoting, putting metal on the awning, the lights are installed in the awning, & they have framed up the door & a few windows on the front! yay!

We also worked out demo-ing the inside some. This has proved a tad more difficult than we  thought it would be. Before I got down there on Tuesday, my dad ripped the old toilet out and there was still water in it (EWWW) but under it there was lots of oil from the nasty oil drillers who owned it before us. That was gross to clean. The shower base was concrete, also unexpected. That was also all busted out before I arrived. THANK GOD I would have only got in the way. BUT we made some doll hairs off all the copper we ripped out from the old plumbing, so WIN! (don't go trying to scavenge my building. all the copper is gone) I also impressed my dad with my ability to carry, not drag the heavy duct work to the junk pile.

3. I heard this song for the first time and loved it! There is a good possibility I have heard it before & just never paid attention. 

Get Me Some of That by Thomas Rhett on Grooveshark

I'm about 98% sure Mr. Rhett is singing this directly to me. Is that narcissistic? ;)

4. This next one isn't exactly a favorite thing, but it sure was funny. I smashed the shit out of my finger at the gym on Monday & bruised my bum too. It hurt, but it seriously had to have been hilarious to anyone who saw it. I'm not sure anyone did besides my workout buddy. I was doing tucks with a resistance band and supporting myself with my hands on a 50 lb kettlebell. Basically just hanging in mid air, better not screw up because this will happen. Not really sure how the chain of events started, but my lil handsies get super disgusting and sweaty. Something slipped, the kettlebell rocked, I fell, my middle finger was smashed under my body weight, the kettlebell, & possibly some of Kalani's body weight. My feet popped out of the resistance band and somehow, God only knows how, I landed on my butt. Profanities flew. Especially the "Mother….." yeah, I shouted that as I was falling, not exactly my proudest moment. You better believe I got my feet back in that band and finished those last 7 tucks though!

5. I requested my first button swap. That's pretty cool to me. Head your pretty self on over to say hello to Eva Marie! She's awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend y'all! And since it's Friday get your Thomas Rhett on and #backthatazzup with Whitney Yoga Pants. You know you want to!

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