March 4, 2014

Insta-lately February in review!

February was a good one, ehhem, for the most part. But this is a month in review; it's supposed to HIGHLIGHT. And I spent last week being a whiney-pants & it was downright depressing, so we're not gonna head down that dark alley again.

I turned 23, which according to buzzfeed is going to be the worst year of my life. That's pleasant. Incase you don't want to head over to the buzz and read I'll just paste what it has to say about 23.
"Sorry, 23-year-olds, but this year is total shit. You’re a year or two removed from college and reaching a legal drinking age, but you’re not mature enough to have actually figured out what you want to do with your life. Drinking and partying is getting old, but you’re equally bored by staying home. Basically everything is terrible. Ask a bunch of over-30 people what the worst year of their twenties was and they will inevitably tell you that when they were 23, everything fell apart and they had no idea who they were anymore or WTF they were doing with themselves. Be strong, better years are coming."
My art history background is screaming at me to add a footnote. I'm not gonna do that. Just know I got it HERE

Contrary to what they (whoever they are) have to say I don't claim to be the most mature 23 year old to have ever 23-ed, but I do have a grasp on what I want to do with my life. A lot has to be learned & discovered, but I'm getting there. However, 22 was like this for me. Anywho I turned 23. Obligatory candle blowing out pic. I say 'obligatory' but I mean I live for birthdays. I will never stop enjoying them & I will never stop having my photo made while blowing out my candles. The Fanciest of Popcorns, a birthday gift from my bestie.

I made an Instagram for my blog. @todaymyfavoriteday so now I am successfully keeping up with not one, but 2 insta-instas. My personal insta @emikracht has you know, things from my life. Like everyday activities, alcoholic beverages, & all other things of my oh so entertaining life. ;) My blog insta is mostly #fotd and highlighting my posts. 

I won a twitta contest for a merch bundle from Jared Wade.

I went to see Drew Baldridge with B. 

I got a springy mani in hopes it would persuade the weather to start warming & thawing. It didn't. But it was still real perdy on my hands.

I put purple in my hair. Love it. 

I had myself a hurricane before I went insane on Mardi Gras Eve. It was 1 of 3 pictures I took all weekend. Good work, team. 

Cheers to February, March is already off to a great start!

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