March 20, 2014

Pretty Little Liars is basically a bad boyfriend.

ATTN! SPOILERS FROM TUESDAY'S FINALE (kind of, because NOTHING ever really happens)

Hey there pretty people! Happy first day of SPRING! yippee!! How many of you watch PLL? No need to be shy here, I won't tell your guilty pleasure. But seriously, if you don't wanna know what happened on Tuesday STOP READING NOW. If you don't care, join me on this adventure. Because, big freaking shocker, we didn't learn a gosh darn thang!

My apologies in advance, this topic gets me all sorts of fired up. I know it's only a tv show, not even aimed at my age group…. anymore. Once upon a time when it started 4 years ago it was most certainly aimed at my age group! And that, my friends is EXATLY my point! This show has had me & countless other people entrapped in its filthy web of lies & deceit for FOUR YEARS! 4 years people.

4 years that they were able to EASILY sum up in 46 minutes, MAX I'm thinking it was more like 42 minutes.

They filmed the season 4 finale in a dark color space with lots of tears & melodrama. The kicker is the whole effing episode I was sitting there like OMG O.M.G. It wasn't even until the end I was like sooooo, nothing new happened here? Nope. Nothing. Okay, so maybe we learned 1 thing. But we already knew Mrs. DiLaurentis was a freaking nut case. She buried her kid alive instead of taking her to the HOSPITAL?! Who does that shit?

But now she's dead. Maybe. Who the hell knows any more. 

Oh & Ezra was shot, here comes another fantastic storyline.

I ask myself every week how is this show even successful? I'll tell ya how. People like me are brainwashed into thinking shit actually happens. I'm serious, they were able to fit 4 years of pivotal moments into one episode, easily. It wasn't jam-packed with info.

And then there is this interview E! did with Sasha Pieterse. I knew full well when I clicked on it that Ali would in fact not be telling all. I read it anyway. The only thing I learned was season 5 is gonna be ridiculous. Well you know what, PLL? You're ridiculous and not 'in the best way possible.'

See, I get fired up. Now, back to my original statement of how PLL is basically a bad boyfriend, relationship, whatever you wanna call it here.

You know it's gotta end soon, but you love it so much. You have to see it though. After all, it only makes you feel unloved and sad once a week. So, you can live with it. You just really love it. You're emotionally attached. It was really good to you in the beginning. Then it started leaving you feeling sad, depressed, alone, full of questions with no resolutions in sight.. But it's not his.. ehem, the show's fault. 

And you know I'm gonna be right there in front of my tv on june 10 dying to see what happens. I hope so much that season 5 is the last one. I really even hope it's only a half season. I can't do it any more. It is seriously so hard for me to sit & watch them. I've already wasted 4 years of my life on this show. Let's ties up these loose ends & get it over with already. I need a clean break. 

This post was 100% inspired by a conversation I had with one of my best friends.

Does anyone else have these feelings about PLL? I know how crazy I sound. I'm fully aware. It's just I'm involved!!

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  1. this is entirely too accurate. also lets be real. no one STAYS dead in Rosewood