March 6, 2014


Hey there! The season of Lent is upon us. For most, myself included, Lent tends to end up being more about those Friday night fish fries at the local Catholic church. I'm not even Catholic, don't care, love me some fried fish. See, guilty. Does this make me awful?? But that's not what this season in the Church is all about.

Lent is about sacrificing something for God. It's 40 days of giving up something that you "can't live without." Jesus sacrificed his life in order to save us from damnation, it's the least we could do to give up candy or something. I mean come on, it's 40 days, Sundays don't count & it ends on Good Friday. Easy, right? It should be. I'm guilty of caving & never really following through with my Lenten promises. It's pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

Last year I gave up meat, at least I attempted to. I lasted until about 2 weeks before Easter. (which was longer than anyone thought I could) I was in the process of moving from GA to IL during this time. I had to drive 12 hours & that just wasn't going to end well without a bit of protein in me. My dad even tried to help me to stay strong in my promise; he kept suggesting things like nuts & peanut butter, foods that would have really had enough protein to keep me steady for a long drive. But I caved I just wanted some freaking chicken! I could have just jumped back into my promise as soon as the move was over, but I didn't see the point in that. What if Jesus decided he might not want to die. He didn't really see the point in saving our sorry souls. He might just skip out this time. Where would we be?

In the grand scheme of things 40 days of sacrifice is a breeze. But this year I couldn't think of anything to give up. I just decided to let this fall by the wayside. Then I started discussing the topic with my best friend & it hit me. I'm not going to give up anything, but I am going to add something to my life. The very fact that I was going to let it fall by the wayside indicated my faith is faltering. I need some more Jesus in my life. Until tonight (Wed) I hadn't been to church since Christmas Eve. That's ridiculous. There is no reason I can't take an hour or so out of my weekend to make time to spend with God. Now, I pray every day & occasionally read my Bible & daily devotionals. But I need to go somewhere that I'll have no distractions and can give my undivided attention to God & His word.

I have decided that instead of a material sacrifice I am going to make it a point to attend at least 1 church service a week. Either the Wednesday Lent service or the Saturday/Sunday service. I'm going to try for attending both the Wednesday & a weekend service.

The 40 days is symbolic of the time Jesus spent in the dessert fasting to become more steadfast in his faith. It is my hope that this 40 day period helps me to strengthen my faith in God & Jesus. And that I will continue attending church weekly. Or at least (much) more often than being a Christmas & Easter Lutheran. 

How was that for some real talk, whew! My apologies this is getting to be very lengthy, just a few more things, they won't take long. Hang in there with me! 

In addition to my Spiritual Journey this Lenten season I was also inspired by Natasha over at Hello! Happiness to go on a 40 day spending ban! Read about her challenge HERE

For me this is going to mean:
-NO makeup buying
-NO clothes buying
-NO accessory buying
-NO frivolous purchasing in general
-NO perusing the aisles at Target for giggles
-I'm going to try and keep the eating out to a minimum.
-I'm going to try to keep the alcohol purchasing to a minimum.

In the spirit of full disclosure here: before I read about her idea this evening I did run to Walmart because I needed something for a funeral. It's going to be wet & cold out; I don't own shoes(seriously, not making excuses here) for dress pants that are appropriate for this type of weather. I got a maxi skirt to wear with some boots. From here on out NO FRIVOLOUS SPENDING. 

What are your Lenten sacrifices or promises? I want to know. Let's help each other stay strong & true to our promises. It's all about support. Have a happy Friday Eve & I'll see you back here on Friday for Fave Fives! 

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