March 18, 2014

Schedule Schmedule

Hey y'all! 2 posts in one day?! WHOA! Let's get real for a minute, shall we. It won't take long I swear! I'm not even getting real deep ;)

A while back I posted what was basically a steadfast schedule I was going to follow, blah blah. I knew I would never be able to follow it, I was wishful thinking that I might be able to establish a touch of order in my life.

But let's be real, the only schedule I can stick to ever is if it's a client that is paying for my time & services OR it's important. Then, I'm the most reliable, punctual person ever. 'Important' things include things like: a wedding shower, wedding, bachelorette party, national margarita day, community event, you get the picture. If I'm being paid or it's important to people I love & I'm begin counted on, I will be there promptly 10-20 minutes early with coffee in hand. Otherwise, a schedule of any sort isn't going to happen. ever.

It's seriously like I have made this commitment to myself & since I have a 100% fear of commitment, I run in the complete opposite direction. This is not to say that I will not ever participate in #MakeupMonday or #WardrobeWednesday because those are fun! But sometimes I wanna write about different things! And maybe I wanna post my clothes on Thursday, no shame in that game! #FaveFiveFriday is like my favorite thing though, that will continue along with #backthatazzup. 

I'm here 4-5 times a week. Sometimes more, sometime maybe even less. Blogging & writing are things I really enjoy so putting a schedule in place that says: I'm going to do this or that on such & such date, makes it seem like it HAS to be done otherwise the government or SHIELD is going to come after me. Although I'm not saying I'd be mad if Agent Coulson came for me.

See, I told you I wasn't getting real deep. Just a lil' explanation for people who have been around a while & were wondering why the heck I wasn't sticking to my self-imposed schedule (say that like your british: shhhedule. It's fun. Trust me.) 

HOWEVER, if you lovely readers really count on me for weekly makeup & fashion, I can make it happen. You just have to let me know!

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