March 5, 2014

tutu how tu

See what I did there? I'm a punny girl.

As you might notice this Wardrobe Wednesday is a little different than normal - a what I wore & a little DIY all rolled up into one. And it has glitter so get excited.

In the spirit of Mardi Gras I wanted to dress up & have a little fun with the festivities. I wanted to be a little different than everyone else in their boas, masks, etc. so I thought I'd make a tutu. HA! Yeah, right. Everyone & their mother was out in a tutu on Saturday. Literally.

Mine was sparkly, homemade, and whipped up in about an hour & 15 minutes. Not bad, not bad. And here is how I did it. 

The supplies you'll need. I threw the packaging away before I photographed the elastic. oopsies. But I used 3/4" knit non roll  elastic. I sewed the ends together at first, but later decided to undo the stitching & tie the ends together. That seemed like it would be more secure to me. And I used 2 - 25 yard rolls of the purple & 1 - 25 yard roll of green. The rolls were about 6 inches wide. I bought my supplies at a local craft store. You can get them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnnes, etc. 

Okay, so next I cut the tule in strips about 22 inches in length. They can be longer or shorter based on how full you want the tutu to be. You will need more or less tule accordingly. The purple was pretty sheer and I wasn't digging the way it looked with just one strip. The bigger the better. So I used two strips to make one fluff. Does that make sense? Next what I did was doubled up the tule strips (end to end) placed the loop under the elastic & then strung the ends through the loop. See what I mean? Then tighten it up!

I went in the pattern of 5 & 5… about…  I was watching One Tree Hill so some might be 6, I got all crazay. My point; it doesn't really matter, don't get caught up in the details ;)

Here's my finished tutu. I'm a huge fan. And it was a hit among my group that I went with! 

A couple things I learned:
- As I mentioned before, the purple was kind of sparse with just one, so I doubled up.
- The sparkly tule was a freaking mess. It looked like Kesha & Edward Cullen blew up in my living room. Notice the vacuum at the ready? Thanks, Momma! haha I would suggest if using glittery tule to work outside, however when I made mine it was like 15 out and that just was not gonna happen. 

I had every intention of having someone take a solo pic of me in the tutu, but the day got away from me before that happened. And I just cleaned the house so there is no way I'm bringing it back out because then I'll have to reclean, so sorry that the only photo is a group pic & you can't really see it all! 

If my very in-depth instructions (the sarcasm is dripping here) were less than helpful feel free to ask, and I will try my hardest to help you! 

Happy Wednesday, pretty people! Have a good rest of the week!
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