April 14, 2014

Carlos - the cat with thumbs & a PSA

Carlos - the cat with thumbs: This cat is so cool, and I hate cats - but I love Carlos. Carlos adopted my friend's family several years ago & he has thumbs. How awesome is that?! I snap chat his thumbs every time I go over there. In addition to having thumbs, Carlos probably weighs like 15 pounds. He's HUGE!

Public Service Announcement: There is a soda it's called Ski. It's orgasmic. And full of caffeine & it is my godsend. It's made in a small town in Southern Illinois. And you NEED to try it. Go HERE & see if you can get it somewhere near you. Like seriously, it's the closest I have ever felt to heaven.  The Kentucky Headhunters even put it in a song.
Dumas Walker by The Kentucky Headhunters on Grooveshark

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this image. Our tiny little school celebrated 100 years in 1997, clearly you can see that hahah. But I was at the school/church last night for a youth group Lambert's style dinner. That was a great time! Except I felt really really old because I had to pull one of the few girls working I did know over & ask who the heck everyone was! Some of those kids in the group were 10 years younger than me! I remember always having a great time working that dinner. Anywho, I digress. I saw this picture and did a little joy-dance. We were in kindergarten & we were so darn cute!! So there is Kindergarten Em - the one with clenched folded hands, dressed in all purple, a typical outfit I am told. The girl next to me is still my BFF to this day. And that boy in the blue 100 shirt  - we're still extremely close as well! I clearly suck at iPhone-ography because I can't center things.
But seriously how cute are we all in our little socks & tennis shoes?!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Have you ever seen a cat with thumbs or had a ski? Have a great week my loves!

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