April 10, 2014

Gone Junkin

It's Friday Eve! And I'm goin' junkin!! Which is about my favorite hobby/activity ever! I LOVE JUNK! I've also had lots of caffeine because I got up early so I could get all my work done before 10 when the junk shops open. And now I'm done with work, writing up this quickie & will be on my way! Today on my adventure I am looking for

a) a birthday present for my momma.
b) an old farm table to use as my desk.
c) or an old solid wood door to attach legs to - to use as my desk. 
d) old windows, you know the kind that have the small little panes with wood in-between the glass? like from a farm house - I plan on attaching hooks to the wood and hanging it on the wall in my dressing room as a place to hang clothes. Can you picture what I mean?

If you do a Google and type in 'farm table' you will see what I'm talking about and you will instantly be in love with them & want one for yourself. They are so cool! And I think finding just the right one to repurpose & refinish would look so awesome in my office at the studio!

Do you guys like junkin or have you ever been? If you haven't I suggest you throw on your boots &  hat and get at it! Have a great Thursday & I'll see you tomorrow for Friday Fives!

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