April 17, 2014

I have an addictive personality - now you know

Happy Friday Eve pretty people! Tonight is BUNCO night! I have been waiting for this since last month's evening ended! It was so much fun, y'all. I got to know some friends better & I made some new friends!

 It has been brought to my attention - by myself - that I have an addictive personality. God forbid I ever get my hands on something TRULY addictive.

I have kind of known this for a while. I get on something & I just can't stop. Like BBQ chips, don't even give me a full sized bag, I'll finish it in one sitting. Okay, so this might be more along the lines of I have absolutely ZERO self-control. But really, it's the same thing, is it not? 

You might remember way back when in January - on second thought, maybe February - questionable.  I talked about watching 2.5 seasons of Once Upon a Time in 2 weeks. Yeah, that was a little extreme even for the likes of me. I'm still obsessed, btw. Sundays take so long to come back around!

Grey's, I binge watch the shit outa that show too. And One Tree Hill. And Gilmore Girls. And Bridesmaids. And Top Gun & The Guardian (same movie, btw) Top Gun is better. Seriously when I see that one of those is on TV I will drop my entire life & watch that. Even though I own all of those things.

So when my mom & I found this new thrilling show; CRISIS, I knew it would be bad news. We were introduced by a good friend. There were 5 episodes on demand and the first night we stayed up until 12:30 when we both had work the next day watching. And ever since we cannot get enough. She's not as bad as me. It's not as time consuming for her because she doesn't feel the need to watch everything twice. Yeah, I know. It's ridiculous. But I want to make sure I'm well versed in all the quotes & what's happening!! And it's also because when I like something, I want more of it. Because more is better than less. 

Anyways, Crisis. It's based in DC. All of these really important diplomats kid's are on a bus to a field trip & the bus is hijacked {not the right word, don't care} The kids are taken & the captors make their parents do all of these crazy things to get their kids back! IT IS SO GOOD!!!!! Go start watching it now & either love me or hate me because you too will be addicted.

If you already watch it, thoughts?? 

Until tomorrow, friends. hugs & cookies. 

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