April 8, 2014

I'm baaaack!!

Hello Bloglandia! I've missed you!


To be fair I knew I would be busy the early part of last week. However, I had no clue how busy the rest of the week would be. With sessions & family things & the general thing called life!

I had so much fun at After Dark and learned so freaking much!! It was a great experience. learning from 11am - 3am for 3 days was great! Tiring, but so freaking awesome!  I arrived home last Thursday around noon or so, I had some lunch and promptly started work on a new program for my studio!! A Senior Rep Model program! YAY! I already have my first model books.. So I started it around 1 and finished it by 8 that night. Super excited to see what this program brings to my studio!
Brittany is absolutely gorgeous!
Learning how Ben Wong - Von Wong - epic shoots! 
Friday I post-processed some images from AD & had an interview at the local grocery. Yay for a job opportunity, boo for an ill-timed job opportunity. I applied like 2 months ago when shit was slow and just got a call back and now photography is picking WAAYY up & I don't know what to do! My goal is 3 photo sessions per week & I'm hitting that for the next 4 weeks, for sure! This doesn't include all the post processing time & the viewing sessions & the ordering. Whew. I know I need to make a decision like now, but it's hard to know. Ya, know? Because my session goal for when I open my studio is 5 a week! - which technically means 10 - 2 per client - one photo one viewing {read sales $$} And I think KNOW I can do it! 

Some images from my sessions this weekend & my adorable cousin who was in his school's coronation!
Ski - Clinton County Crack 
Clownin around! 

Work Work!
AND we don't have a certain date yet, but my dad thinks I'll move into the studio by the end of MAY!!! AHHH!!!  30 second dance party with me, y'all!!
New door! 
And then there was Opening Day yesterday. Which was surprisingly fun. Cold & rainy, yet fun - we had covered seats! And now I'm back to being excited about baseball! And I cannot wait to go back & party in Ballpark Village!! It was freaking awesome from what I saw. It was also packed. We went in an exit, oops. Not sorry though. No one was guarding it so we just kinda sidled in! Yepp, those people 
What's up freaking awesome seats! I wanna sit here forevers
What have you all been up to? I hope you're having/continue to have a great week! I seriously feel like a brand new girl after the past week. It's great to be back!

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