April 15, 2014

My favorite iPhone-ography apps!

Hi Friends! Let's talk about iPhone-ography today!

Making images with the trusty ol' iPhone has been growing in popularity since… well, since the iPhone came into existence. And now, it is easier than ever to get some really great quality photos using just your phone. Today, I am dedicating this post to a few of my favorite iPhone photography apps!

1. Instagram, obviously! This is my social media of choice. I prefer it to Facebook, yet I do post most of my images to fb from Insta. It's so much fun to see what everyone is up to based off of the images they share! And it's free, duh!

Here is what my photography group looks like on my phone, Instgram isn't in there because I use it multiple times during the day, so I just have that icon out on it's own!

2. InstaSize is my newest favorite! What I started out using this app for is I wanted to share the images of my sessions that I had fully edited but I didn't want to make square format hence comes in Instasize. It shrinks your regular sized images to fit into squares with boarders to share on Instagram. BUT in the past couple days I discovered you can add fun, glittery borders, really freaking awesome filters & edgy overlays, awesome stickers, and text. You can also collage with it! It's a free app that you can purchase upgrades for. I haven't purchased any upgrades, the ads don't bother me. And most of the overlays & borders are free!

I was definitely not using this app to it's full potential, but I certainly will be now!!

3. PicFrame - this is my favorite app for making collages. They can be square format or you can make them rectangular. It's a pretty cool one. I think this one was a paid app.

4. Studio Design - I use this for making word art on the go. It has some really cool graphics & overlays. And not to mention so really great fonts! But you can also add photos to it and make memes or things like that. It's free and a really cool one!

5. Last & most definitely not least is Flipagram. This one is free too & you can add your pictures to make a quick little instavideo using your own music from your phone or some provided tunes. I use this to make my end of the year videos & you know when you get over excited and take a shit-ton of pictures and don't want to post them all separately use this! And put it to music the best part!
I hope you learned something new about some apps you didn't know existed! Do you use any of these am I missing out on some cool features? Tell my your favorites, especially if there is one I didn't mention! I'd love to hear all about it!
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