April 30, 2014

Not so InstaLately

Well, I was going to Instalately today but turns out I haven't insta-ed much lately. Mostly just work images, which is cool & all but I didn't have anything super fun to post so I'm gonna confess today.

I haven't been commenting on the blogs I read like I should. So if I used to comment on your posts all of the times & you notice I suddenly stopped, I'm still reading. Most of the time. I'll try to be better. :)

I've drank entirely too many margaritas in the last 10 days. Not that this is a bad thing. The first (shared) pitcher lead me to do something that's NOT ME AT ALL. But I was in a little rut of boredom & wanted out. So after retrieving my phone back from Cap'n I texted someone she had been texting, we'll call that person DR, and said "I'm coming over" & I did then stayed until like 3 am. }insert that emoji with that hands on its face here{ The second & third (shared) pitchers ended in God knows how many beers, being front row at a concert & not leaving the bar until closing. I also had a vague flashback of belting out Family Tradition. Yeah, that song by Hank Williams Jr. It was confirmed by DR that did happen. awesome. 

When boxed wine is consumed you might end up sleeping somewhere that isn't your bed. 

I have slept until 9 both Monday & Tuesday this week (in my bed). Whoops

I cheat when I count my calories, I don't count chips. Ever

I get a thrill out of texting/hanging out with DR. And I think it's because I know I probs shouldn't do either of those things. Don't care. Not sorry. 

I haven't posted my Friday post in like 2 weeks - mostly because my life has pretty boring lately. Hoping this changes real soon. I like having interesting stories & things to tell you about! 

Granted, some interesting things have happened lately - just not really things I want to spread all over the interwebs. 

Happy Hump Day, y'all! What are your confessions? I'm slightly terrified to post this bc I'm not 100% sure who the hell reads this. Oh well. Here goes nothin

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