April 9, 2014

These are my confessions

Make sure you sing that in your best usher voice.  

Happy Huuummmpp Day! I'm going to link up with Kat over at Vodka & Soda today! Which, btw, is one of my favorite things to drank. With a lime, of course! Anywho, she is hilarious, go check her out!

Let's jump in!

1. So remember my Lenten Sacrifices post? I talked about going to church more and spending less. Well the going to church has been good. The spending. Not so much. I haven't bought thaaaat much, but I mean I bought a few new shirts & props & wine & margaritas. oops. Clearly I'm distraught.

2. I have been drinking way too much coffee lately. Everyone knows I'm addicted, but I seriously think it's getting to be a problem. But I don't care. 

3. I'm also addicted to my job. I want to work all of the time. I also like to use my job as an excuse to not date. Oh you want to go out on Friday? Sorry, I have to work all day Saturday & need my rest. Calls best friends, wanna go out for margaritas? Because that's a good way to rest up for a long day…. 

4. Dating sucks & I hate it.

5. I don't know how to let people guys be nice to me. Not that I prefer to be treated like shit. I don't put up with that nonsense. I'm just used to guys sucking, so when one is nice to me - I'm all "he wants something. People just aren't thaaat nice!" Walls up, active bitch face on, heavy cynicism & sarcasm released. 

6.  I'm having trouble getting back on the gym bandwagon after my week off. I should have found a Y or something to work out while I was at my unconference. Every time I workout I just want to lay on the floor in the fetal position and say NO! I also have the feeling of puke every time. TMI? probably. but we're confessing here. 

7. I had one more, but while looking for an image for #6, I forgot. Welcome to my life.

What are your confessions?! tell me tell me tell me!! I hope you are all having a great week, I'm so happy to be back to my regularly scheduled life of blogging, photographing, & editing! And other things that don't involve staying up until 3 am!

OH! I remember what 7 was going to be!!! So…
8. Last night was the first night in 6 weeks that I slept ALL THE WAY through the night!!! YAY!!!

see above meme for the way my mind works.

Peace & cookies, y'all

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