May 27, 2014

But it is the nature of stars to cross

This book OH.MY.GOD.

I'm a little late to this party, but better late than never. I've been hearing lots of good things about it. Several friends recommended it to me & I just had so many other things on my reading list I never got to it. Well, on Thursday I saw a trailer for the movie and decided I needed to read it immediately & it was only $5 on Kindle so I swiped it right up. I read it over the course of 2 days. I believe it was probably around a 7 hour read.

I started reading The Fault in Our Stars Thursday about 1 in the afternoon - by 5 I was 60% through. I hadn't cried yet, in fact I was cracking up. John Green is so ironic & punny & generally hilarious. He knows how to write a book! I'm going to need to read more promptly.

Anyways I started back up reading on Friday. However, I had to start taking breaks because the tears were fogging up my glasses & I couldn't hardly see anything. I was a pathetic little thing. I went to town to get lunch and was thinking about what I had read thus far and legitimately started crying & it wasn't just a glimmering tear. It was full blown crying. 

The funny thing about me is, I am able to get emotionally attached to book & tv characters and I'm a big cry-er when reading or watching tv. Movies rarely make me cry & I typically don't cry IRL. I also find it hard to get emotionally involved with the minor characters in my life. But give me a book & those characters are my best damn friends. I feel what they feel & I feel it deeply. I know I can't be the only one this sort of thing happens to!

It's an amazing book. It's one of the greatest love stories I have ever read. The characters have cancer - but it's not a book about cancer.  If I ever know a love half as great as the love Hazel & Augustus share I would be happy.

I'm going to need to go buy the actual book. A hard copy of this has to exist in my collection. It is one I will read over & over again. I believe it has gained a place on my list of favorites. Amongst others like Ordinary People and The Old Man & The Sea. I think this list of titles says something about me.

I only really talk in depth about books with 3 people. This book is proving to be an exception! I have told damn near everyone I have talked to about it & have recommended they read it. And if they have read it I want to dive into a deep conversation about it! 

Have you read The Fault in Our Stars?? If yes, let's talk about it! I LOVE talking about this book. If you haven't, GO READ IT RIGHT NOW! And yes, I'm yelling in my super excited voice. The super excited voice doesn't come out of me very often - you know this is serious people. SERIOUS BUSINESS!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend & celebrated all the brave men & women who have fought for our freedom & liberty! 

May 22, 2014

Water is free - a lunch time anecdote

Hey there!

I would like to share with you a story of a lunch time experience. I don't even know how to explain what type of experience it was. Just there.

Let's dive in.

On Tuesday the Cap'n & I went to lunch at one of the Mexican places in town. It's not one we frequent, but they have outdoor seating & the food is pretty good. So there we were having our lunch & our typical conversations. It came time to return to reality & work. We went inside to pay because why would they bring our tickets to us?


I said to the girl running the register "I had a fajita taco salad & a water."
She said "okay…" *LONG PAUSE* "So, you had a taco salad fajita. And water is free, so it doesn't matter which check it goes on."
I said "okay, that's fine."
she said "like water doesn't cost anything."
**yeah, okay. I get it.** "yes."
Maybe I shouldn't have added the water in there, but I mean typically one gets a beverage & I wanted to clarify that I didn't have a diet coke because I wasn't about to pay the 2.50 it probably cost!
She then follows with "so you had the salad & she had something I can't say."
(she had a quesadilla)
**the Cap'n & I exchange a sidewards glance**
I said "a Quesadilla?"
She simply looked confused.
She printed off the tickets & said my total was $7.43
I handed her a $10 bill
This is the best part (or worst, however you choose to see it)
She said "do you want a 5 and a 1 or just 1s?" serious as a fucking heart attack.
**more looks & stifled giggles exchanged**
I'm standing there thinking - I'll take a $5 if you're gonna be ignorant enough to give it to me, but I mean it's 2.57….. 
I said "umm no 5s, it's $2.57"
she said "oh yeah…… you're right. I looked at the wrong thing."
I didn't pay much attention to her exchange with Cap'n, since I was trying so hard not to die of a fit of laughter.

Incase you were wondering this was a situation where I didn't even try to mask the wtf look on my face. It was just there - in all of its glory. 

We walked out the door, burst into laughter, & said what the hell was that?! 

I don't even know how to wrap it up. I'm STILL struggling to find a word to describe the occurrence other than just saying it was an experience. So tell me, do you have a descriptive word for our lunch time experience? Share. 

peace, love, & kisses - of the Hershey variety

May 21, 2014

I'm bad at life & other small revelations


If know me or have been reading my little blog for any amount of time you have probably realized I really really like Buzzfeed. I would venture to say that I'm obsessed with it. I read lots & send at least 2 or so posts a day to The Cap'n.  We trade entertaining emails frequently. 

On Monday night instead of writing a post for Tuesday I was on The Buzz for 3 hours. How is that even logical? The browsing one site for 3 hours thing, not the failing to write a post thing. I took some quizzes and found out I'm bad at life and kind of a bad person. Here are my results:

I also read movie theories And it was definitely a mind blowing post.
 - Rugrats never happened?! Their reasoning makes for an extremely morbid childhood. 
 - I need to watch every Tarantino movie in order because, apparently, they all intertwine and that is right up my ally! I mean I've seen my fair share and I knew the all take place in the same universe, but they all connect. New perspective. 
 - Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is about the JFK assassination? WHAT?! That's a far reach, but it was also very convincing. And I learned some new things about history… 

I mean it sounds like some of these kids died really horrifically & were reincarnated. I mean it makes you question beliefs & things. Because how do kids just come up with that shit?!

I don't even remember other things I browsed. But it consumed 3 hours of my life. And evidentially I made it semi-educational. I guess it wasn't a waste of time. Just a questionable use of it.

Currently I am watching The Voice. They are singing one of my favorite songs - Summertime by Kenny Chesney. And by singing, I do in fact mean completely effing it up. You just can't unhear people butchering a song. Especially one that is so close to your heart. Like it is legitimately hurting my ears & my heart. Clearly I'm like "live reviewing" this right now. #notsorry Also, why is it 2 hours long? Just tell me who won, I don't need all this extra ish! 

What do you confess. And seriously, go take those quizzes & share the results. On second thought, maybe don't. I don't want to know if you're good at life. I would like to go on thinking that everyone is just as scattered as me.
It's Wednesday & you know what that means, head on over to Kathy @ Vodka & Soda to check out the other confessions.
Vodka and Soda

have a great day, y'all. Eat a brownie.

May 19, 2014

icecream, pool, grad parties - must be summer!

Hey y'all! Monday. I hope you had a great weekend! I sure did. 

My weekend didn't necessarily start on Thursday but we're gonna pretend it did for the sake of this post. My dad & I went to dinner & then went out to get our favorite icecream from a place called Dairy Mart. It's soft serve lemon & it is sooo good. I can't remember a summer without this place!

Friday night I went to see a new band play with a friend. That was really fun. We saw Michael Jackson. Yeah, that happened. It was only slightly disturbing. 

Saturday was packed. My aunt & uncle moved so I helped with that until I had a session, then moved/cleaned some more, then another session. Then Saturday night was typical, but fun; dinner & out with some friends. 

Sunday I had a session with a friend from college and we shot the first images in the new studio! it is far from finished but we were only doing head shots so I threw up a backdrop and set up my reflector. I cannot wait to get in there & work every day!

We also took the cover off the pool & got it moving. Doesn't it look pretty? I sure do wanna jump in that! ;)

Then a family friend graduated from high school, so we went to her party. There was a bungee run. SO MUCH FUN! That's Dad & the graduates mom. I think there are probably pictures of me doing this floating around somewhere, but they weren't on my phone. I had one of these at my graduation party 5 years ago. Everyone was sore for DAYS. But I mean it is so fun.

Now I'm winding down watching that new show About a Boy. It's really cute & very funny! It's off to bed for me. How was your weekend?? Anything fun & interesting? Have a really great week guys! 

May 16, 2014

What do you need, an I love you or something? - Friday Fives

Whoa! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday? Yepp, this girl is back!

Hey Hey lovely people! I am here for my first Friday post since April 11! That's more than a whole month! I'm gonna share some favorite thangs with y'all.
In honor of the Grey's Season finale:
Where Does the Good Go by Tegan and Sara on Grooveshark
I love this song. It makes me happy
1. Favorite quote from the Grey's finale:
**sobs** **more sobs**
okay, I'm alright. I'm okay. here's the quote:
 -"Sometimes the future changes quickly & completely. And we're left only with the choice of what to do next. We can choose to be afraid of it. To stand there trembling, not moving, assuming the worst that can happen. Or we step forward into the unknown & assume it will be brilliant."
Like I could choose just one. 
 -"Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need. He is very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are."
Okay, two. #myperson
 -"You're my person. I need you alive. You make me brave. Okay, now we can dance it out"

2. Favorite quote from the Once Upon a Time finale:
 - "Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket. And sometimes the best tea cup is chipped." YES! Oh my goodness. I love it.

3. Favorite Snacks as of late:
 - Rasberries
 - Cucumbers
I'm trying to be healthy, but don't let these snacks fool you - I ate a whole bag of pita chips Tuesday. And a whole bag of trail mix Wednesday. But I have also been really enjoying the aforementioned treats!

4. Favorite tweets I have tweeted this week:
 - This is a two part-er. Might be one of those "had to be there things" But I think they're funnay

Story time. Friday… nope, Thursday night - we went out after libating & boating all day. We forgot the whole dinner thing so on our way home the lead cab pulled into a McDs & one of the moms in our car shouted "FOLLOW THAT CAB! WE NEED MCDOUBLES!" The 3rd cab full of girlies didn't follow us. They had a crappy cabbie. so sad. But I then said "I bet they're McJealous" & so my tweets were born. So, maybe it's really not as funny as I think it is. But man we were all rollin'!

** Disclaimer I haven't had McDs in YEARS & I had it TWICE this weekend ughhh #questionablelifechoices #pleasedontjudgeme **

5. Favorite Article from the Buzz this week:

I hope you all have had a fantastic week! Did you do anything fun? What are your favorites from the week? Any big plans for the weekend? Have a good one, y'all #backthatazzup

Now we can dance it out.
I have another add on favorite I would like to thank Miss Alyssa for! I have been looking for the perfect headdesk meme or GIF because sometimes facepalm really just isn't enough. And I have been feeling very headdesk lately! And in her Friday: The Spacelegs Edition post she uses the PERFECT one! Thanks girl! #spiritanimal 

May 15, 2014

just stop looking

Hey there Thursday people! How ya feeling? How ya doing?

This past weekend (and typically every other effing day) someone asked me who I was dating? HAHAHA no one. They then told me that I needed to stop looking. Looking? that made me laugh even harder. 

Why is that funny to me? - Who actually LOOKS for someone to date? do people do that? I mean I feel like if one is actively looking for a man that will only end in disappointment. Disappointment of either never finding what you're searching for or settling for what you THINK you're searching for.

In addition to not looking - I'm way to lazy for dating & things. Honestly I think I'm currently to the point that if one never comes along I'll probably be a happy little camper. And if a person does happen to come along they better make me think 'I'll let you have the last piece of cheesecake & pretend to like your taste in music' That's big love right there. Did anyone at all get that reference? 

Now with all this being said about not looking & being lazy I only mean in the dating area. I am 100% not a supporter of the "good things come to those who wait" philosophy. I'm a firm believer in working your ass off for what you have & what you want. But I will say that actively searching for a person to spend your life with is not the way to do things, that is one area where one should probably wait patiently.

I know what you're thinking. Em, you have said on multiple occasions that you are the most impatient person around. And yes, this is true. BUT I have also said that I am addicted to my work so I have things to occupy my time.

I will leave you all with an amazingly accurate post from the Buzz.
My favorite numbers are: 24, then - 1, 2, 5, 18, 19, 22 Okay they're all my favorite. hahaha

The struggle is real. If you're single, does this shit piss you off too? And if you're not, good for you Glen Coco. just kidding, really, I'm happy for you. But for the love of GOD - if you say those things listed in that Buzzfeed post please stop. Because in all reality - it's annoying & we really don't give fuck that we're single. What actually bothers us is the poor-pitiful-you looks/comments we get sometimes. I'm not accusing anyone of doing, simply asking that if you do, DON'T.

Cheers. It's 6:30!

May 14, 2014

the hangover from HELL

literally hell.

As I'm writing this on Tuesday evening laying on my couch in my usual place I am still feeling like absolute shit from the weekend. But by God, I will make time to catch up with my bloggy buddies!!

Now, I know full well I deserve the way I feel. If you stopped by yesterday you read that I began drinking at 6am Thursday morning & didn't quit until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. Well friends, I lied to you. It was unintentional & I apologize. I started drinking at about 6:30 Wednesday evening, slept about 4 hours & picked back up. Friday morning I woke up at 8 & was at it again. Saturday - same thing. To make sure I am 100% clear here - I felt FINE Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. This is absolutely due to still being a bit drunk from the night before. It's a marathon - not a sprint people. keep steady. 

Sunday I felt like complete & utter assbag. Yes, assbag. I went from soft surface to soft surface trying to find a comfortable place to sleep it off. Monday was not much better but I made to the gym to try & sweat out the whiskey, beer, & bad life choices. I can't decide if that was a good or bad choice. Tuesday same feeling. I drank more water & again went to the gym to sweat out the regret. And I'm pretty sure I surprised the trainer & my workout buddy that I didn't have to run to the bathroom to…. you know, puke. 

Now, on to the real point. I have a 100% definitive hangover cure that is guaranteed to work if put into action shortly after waking up after a night of heavy drinking. 5-8 Taco Bell tacos & a RT 44 diet coke.  This plan was absolutely not put into action on Sunday. Sunday would probably have been an 8 day. I need my tacos & diet coke. To be fair, I had a diet coke. But really, it's a two part cure. Only participating in one part will never work. It's like walking out of your house without pants on - it might seem like a good idea at the time but it's really not. Trust me. 

So if you're going to drink for upwards of 72+ hours in a row either
a) DON'T DO IT or
b) make sure you get those tacos & diet on the final day

Happy Hump Day my friends. I hope you have a fantastic day!! And I'm hoping that by the time you're reading this I'm feeling less like a big bag of ass. 
kisses & tootsie pops!

May 13, 2014

Vacation - Bachelorette Shit Show edition.

Hey y'all!! I have been MIA for approximately 13 days. My apologies! The last couple weeks have been slightly insane.

Last Wednesday I left on what seemed like a month long excusing to the big ol' NashVegas. And let me tell you - I haven't had that much fun in a LONG time. I had been looking forward to this trip since like January. I knew it would be a great time but I didn't know just how much fun it was actually going to be.

We road a boat down the river from Lake Barkley. We took our first drinks at 6am & didn't stop the libating until about that time Sunday morning. I'm pretty certain I gained 16 pounds.

In honor of this most fun trip I am going to photo dump, because it is totally necessary to share the amount of fun I had and I need to tell you all the things you need to do when you go to Nashville!

Cheers! It's 6:30.

We're on a yacht. Pronounced with the cht
this was seriously the most fun group of girls! 
we had a blast

Sunrise on the lake. so pretty!

Thursday night we decided to just stay in after we got to Nashville, we had a huge weekend planned. 
The following picture is what staying in for the night looks like to us.
clearly we followed out own set rules.

Friday we took the NashTrash tour on the BIG PINK BUS. Seriously y'all - so much fun! Do this. But make sure you don't have a stuffy group of old women on the tour with you - they'll try and ruin all the fun. There was another couple on the bus - the only man - we so graciously supplied him with beers because if you're gonna be on a big pink bus with 40 women, you need a beer or 6. He and his wife loved us.

This house holds the offices of KENNY CHESNEY! So cool, I had to photograph it. 

We had lots of those little fun signs and lips that we took out on Friday night & open bar. A kiss - for you! I didn't take a whole lot of night time pictures & that makes me sad.

We Pedal Tavern-ed on Saturday - this was awesome. We only broke one rule. We were unaware it was a rule until after it happened. We handed off a beer to a passerby and he took it. And in one fell swoop *pun totally intended* He grabbed the beer, tried to drink it, fell off his bike, & wrapped himself as well as his bike around a pole. His friend just stared at him in disbelief. We were all cracking up. Several people said I just peed! It was fantastic. Easily the funniest thing I have EVER seen. Our driver said - I didn't mention we're not supposed to give out alcohol, the company could lose it's license. I mostly didn't think y'all would do that. So just don't do it again. But I'm going to let this one slide because it was awesome.

That girl rockin' out is the bride. This is the best picture ever taken. 

This is the second best - the MOH thought it was too freaking hot so she cut her pants. With a knife, I think.  Not really sure, but this also made several people want to pee lol

Saturday night was black dresses and open bar. 

We all had so much fun. I think I'm gonna stay off of the money spending train for a good long while though. Also I'm hoping off the alcohol bus for a hot minute too. I still kind of feel like death.

I hope you all have been well! Have a good week!
Kisses & cookies

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