May 19, 2014

icecream, pool, grad parties - must be summer!

Hey y'all! Monday. I hope you had a great weekend! I sure did. 

My weekend didn't necessarily start on Thursday but we're gonna pretend it did for the sake of this post. My dad & I went to dinner & then went out to get our favorite icecream from a place called Dairy Mart. It's soft serve lemon & it is sooo good. I can't remember a summer without this place!

Friday night I went to see a new band play with a friend. That was really fun. We saw Michael Jackson. Yeah, that happened. It was only slightly disturbing. 

Saturday was packed. My aunt & uncle moved so I helped with that until I had a session, then moved/cleaned some more, then another session. Then Saturday night was typical, but fun; dinner & out with some friends. 

Sunday I had a session with a friend from college and we shot the first images in the new studio! it is far from finished but we were only doing head shots so I threw up a backdrop and set up my reflector. I cannot wait to get in there & work every day!

We also took the cover off the pool & got it moving. Doesn't it look pretty? I sure do wanna jump in that! ;)

Then a family friend graduated from high school, so we went to her party. There was a bungee run. SO MUCH FUN! That's Dad & the graduates mom. I think there are probably pictures of me doing this floating around somewhere, but they weren't on my phone. I had one of these at my graduation party 5 years ago. Everyone was sore for DAYS. But I mean it is so fun.

Now I'm winding down watching that new show About a Boy. It's really cute & very funny! It's off to bed for me. How was your weekend?? Anything fun & interesting? Have a really great week guys! 

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