May 21, 2014

I'm bad at life & other small revelations


If know me or have been reading my little blog for any amount of time you have probably realized I really really like Buzzfeed. I would venture to say that I'm obsessed with it. I read lots & send at least 2 or so posts a day to The Cap'n.  We trade entertaining emails frequently. 

On Monday night instead of writing a post for Tuesday I was on The Buzz for 3 hours. How is that even logical? The browsing one site for 3 hours thing, not the failing to write a post thing. I took some quizzes and found out I'm bad at life and kind of a bad person. Here are my results:

I also read movie theories And it was definitely a mind blowing post.
 - Rugrats never happened?! Their reasoning makes for an extremely morbid childhood. 
 - I need to watch every Tarantino movie in order because, apparently, they all intertwine and that is right up my ally! I mean I've seen my fair share and I knew the all take place in the same universe, but they all connect. New perspective. 
 - Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is about the JFK assassination? WHAT?! That's a far reach, but it was also very convincing. And I learned some new things about history… 

I mean it sounds like some of these kids died really horrifically & were reincarnated. I mean it makes you question beliefs & things. Because how do kids just come up with that shit?!

I don't even remember other things I browsed. But it consumed 3 hours of my life. And evidentially I made it semi-educational. I guess it wasn't a waste of time. Just a questionable use of it.

Currently I am watching The Voice. They are singing one of my favorite songs - Summertime by Kenny Chesney. And by singing, I do in fact mean completely effing it up. You just can't unhear people butchering a song. Especially one that is so close to your heart. Like it is legitimately hurting my ears & my heart. Clearly I'm like "live reviewing" this right now. #notsorry Also, why is it 2 hours long? Just tell me who won, I don't need all this extra ish! 

What do you confess. And seriously, go take those quizzes & share the results. On second thought, maybe don't. I don't want to know if you're good at life. I would like to go on thinking that everyone is just as scattered as me.
It's Wednesday & you know what that means, head on over to Kathy @ Vodka & Soda to check out the other confessions.
Vodka and Soda

have a great day, y'all. Eat a brownie.

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