May 15, 2014

just stop looking

Hey there Thursday people! How ya feeling? How ya doing?

This past weekend (and typically every other effing day) someone asked me who I was dating? HAHAHA no one. They then told me that I needed to stop looking. Looking? that made me laugh even harder. 

Why is that funny to me? - Who actually LOOKS for someone to date? do people do that? I mean I feel like if one is actively looking for a man that will only end in disappointment. Disappointment of either never finding what you're searching for or settling for what you THINK you're searching for.

In addition to not looking - I'm way to lazy for dating & things. Honestly I think I'm currently to the point that if one never comes along I'll probably be a happy little camper. And if a person does happen to come along they better make me think 'I'll let you have the last piece of cheesecake & pretend to like your taste in music' That's big love right there. Did anyone at all get that reference? 

Now with all this being said about not looking & being lazy I only mean in the dating area. I am 100% not a supporter of the "good things come to those who wait" philosophy. I'm a firm believer in working your ass off for what you have & what you want. But I will say that actively searching for a person to spend your life with is not the way to do things, that is one area where one should probably wait patiently.

I know what you're thinking. Em, you have said on multiple occasions that you are the most impatient person around. And yes, this is true. BUT I have also said that I am addicted to my work so I have things to occupy my time.

I will leave you all with an amazingly accurate post from the Buzz.
My favorite numbers are: 24, then - 1, 2, 5, 18, 19, 22 Okay they're all my favorite. hahaha

The struggle is real. If you're single, does this shit piss you off too? And if you're not, good for you Glen Coco. just kidding, really, I'm happy for you. But for the love of GOD - if you say those things listed in that Buzzfeed post please stop. Because in all reality - it's annoying & we really don't give fuck that we're single. What actually bothers us is the poor-pitiful-you looks/comments we get sometimes. I'm not accusing anyone of doing, simply asking that if you do, DON'T.

Cheers. It's 6:30!

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