May 13, 2014

Vacation - Bachelorette Shit Show edition.

Hey y'all!! I have been MIA for approximately 13 days. My apologies! The last couple weeks have been slightly insane.

Last Wednesday I left on what seemed like a month long excusing to the big ol' NashVegas. And let me tell you - I haven't had that much fun in a LONG time. I had been looking forward to this trip since like January. I knew it would be a great time but I didn't know just how much fun it was actually going to be.

We road a boat down the river from Lake Barkley. We took our first drinks at 6am & didn't stop the libating until about that time Sunday morning. I'm pretty certain I gained 16 pounds.

In honor of this most fun trip I am going to photo dump, because it is totally necessary to share the amount of fun I had and I need to tell you all the things you need to do when you go to Nashville!

Cheers! It's 6:30.

We're on a yacht. Pronounced with the cht
this was seriously the most fun group of girls! 
we had a blast

Sunrise on the lake. so pretty!

Thursday night we decided to just stay in after we got to Nashville, we had a huge weekend planned. 
The following picture is what staying in for the night looks like to us.
clearly we followed out own set rules.

Friday we took the NashTrash tour on the BIG PINK BUS. Seriously y'all - so much fun! Do this. But make sure you don't have a stuffy group of old women on the tour with you - they'll try and ruin all the fun. There was another couple on the bus - the only man - we so graciously supplied him with beers because if you're gonna be on a big pink bus with 40 women, you need a beer or 6. He and his wife loved us.

This house holds the offices of KENNY CHESNEY! So cool, I had to photograph it. 

We had lots of those little fun signs and lips that we took out on Friday night & open bar. A kiss - for you! I didn't take a whole lot of night time pictures & that makes me sad.

We Pedal Tavern-ed on Saturday - this was awesome. We only broke one rule. We were unaware it was a rule until after it happened. We handed off a beer to a passerby and he took it. And in one fell swoop *pun totally intended* He grabbed the beer, tried to drink it, fell off his bike, & wrapped himself as well as his bike around a pole. His friend just stared at him in disbelief. We were all cracking up. Several people said I just peed! It was fantastic. Easily the funniest thing I have EVER seen. Our driver said - I didn't mention we're not supposed to give out alcohol, the company could lose it's license. I mostly didn't think y'all would do that. So just don't do it again. But I'm going to let this one slide because it was awesome.

That girl rockin' out is the bride. This is the best picture ever taken. 

This is the second best - the MOH thought it was too freaking hot so she cut her pants. With a knife, I think.  Not really sure, but this also made several people want to pee lol

Saturday night was black dresses and open bar. 

We all had so much fun. I think I'm gonna stay off of the money spending train for a good long while though. Also I'm hoping off the alcohol bus for a hot minute too. I still kind of feel like death.

I hope you all have been well! Have a good week!
Kisses & cookies

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