May 22, 2014

Water is free - a lunch time anecdote

Hey there!

I would like to share with you a story of a lunch time experience. I don't even know how to explain what type of experience it was. Just there.

Let's dive in.

On Tuesday the Cap'n & I went to lunch at one of the Mexican places in town. It's not one we frequent, but they have outdoor seating & the food is pretty good. So there we were having our lunch & our typical conversations. It came time to return to reality & work. We went inside to pay because why would they bring our tickets to us?


I said to the girl running the register "I had a fajita taco salad & a water."
She said "okay…" *LONG PAUSE* "So, you had a taco salad fajita. And water is free, so it doesn't matter which check it goes on."
I said "okay, that's fine."
she said "like water doesn't cost anything."
**yeah, okay. I get it.** "yes."
Maybe I shouldn't have added the water in there, but I mean typically one gets a beverage & I wanted to clarify that I didn't have a diet coke because I wasn't about to pay the 2.50 it probably cost!
She then follows with "so you had the salad & she had something I can't say."
(she had a quesadilla)
**the Cap'n & I exchange a sidewards glance**
I said "a Quesadilla?"
She simply looked confused.
She printed off the tickets & said my total was $7.43
I handed her a $10 bill
This is the best part (or worst, however you choose to see it)
She said "do you want a 5 and a 1 or just 1s?" serious as a fucking heart attack.
**more looks & stifled giggles exchanged**
I'm standing there thinking - I'll take a $5 if you're gonna be ignorant enough to give it to me, but I mean it's 2.57….. 
I said "umm no 5s, it's $2.57"
she said "oh yeah…… you're right. I looked at the wrong thing."
I didn't pay much attention to her exchange with Cap'n, since I was trying so hard not to die of a fit of laughter.

Incase you were wondering this was a situation where I didn't even try to mask the wtf look on my face. It was just there - in all of its glory. 

We walked out the door, burst into laughter, & said what the hell was that?! 

I don't even know how to wrap it up. I'm STILL struggling to find a word to describe the occurrence other than just saying it was an experience. So tell me, do you have a descriptive word for our lunch time experience? Share. 

peace, love, & kisses - of the Hershey variety

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