July 30, 2014

confessions of a not so eventful life

IT'S WEDNESDAY & TODAY'S POST NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION. It's time for confessions with Kathy!
Vodka and Soda

I WASH MY CAR MORE THAN I CHAGNE MY SHEETS. In my defense: most nights I shower right (eh like 3 hours) before I crawl into bed. So It's fine to only change them like every… so often. But my car?? That girl gets washed once a week on Monday or Tuesday. It's a habit I picked up right when I got my first car. My dad yells less when I have a clean car. He would tell you I don't wash it that often. Truth is he just doesn't always notice.

I'VE SWORN OFF MAN(child).  I also swore off ever mentioning said man(child) here again. I did this in my head. I didn't put it in writing - so here it is. Not worthy of me or my time. This might sound a little high-horsey & I'm too good. But it's not high-horsey. However, it is - I'm too good (for him anyways.) 

LATELY MY DEFINITION OF A SUCCESSFUL DAY IS not putting on real pants. If I can go a whole day with only wearing yoga pants, norts(nike shorts - if you've been living under a rock), or full on baggy sweatpants it has been quite a successful day. As ready & excited as I am to move into my studio I sure will miss my days without pants.

I'M SUPPOSED TO BE REALLY PAYING ATTENTION TO MY DIET.  However, something about having made this commitment has turned a switch inside me that yells EAT ALL OF THE FOODS. I have done very well for the most part the past couple days except tonight I fell to the cries of ice-cream from my freezer. I'm not even typically one to eat ice-cream from the freezer. I'd much rather go somewhere to get a treat.

I'M GOING TO THE OZARKS THIS WEEKEND with some friends from college. And I won't lie, what appealed to me the most is that I don't have to be around anyone from home for 2 whole days. (this feeling excludes a few, you know who you are) But I'm really happy that I don't have to be in town or with anyone from town.

AS FAR A CONFESSIONS GO these are far from salacious. But when you lead a life as uneventful as mine as of late you learn to take what you can get.

What are your deepest & darkest of the week? ;)
have a good one, y'all.
peace, love, & coffee

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