July 21, 2014

hit the spot like a fireball shot

Happy Monday, everyone!! As I sit here writing this to you I'd like you to know I'm sitting in my very cushy, extremely plush grey & white chevron chair at my very own painted pine farm table turned desk. These are both sitting in my not quite finished, extremely cluttered office at my studio!! How freaking exciting is this!? I seriously cannot believe this is happening! I'm waiting on the telephone guy to get here to install my phone line. My wi-fi was set up Thursday - why they phone line wasn't set up the same day is beyond me - both services are through AT&T.

The only downfall to this little set up is there is currently not yet a toilet & as you can imagine this is a problem!

If you frequent this little space often, you'll have notice that I have been on a little huge hiatus. I'm hoping that changes soon. So, what better way to jump back on the horse than with a quick recap of the most fun day ever.

I spent yesterday in STL with two of the best friends a girl could ask for. We went to places none of us had been before. We had lunch, drinks, & went to a concert. We laughed & there was absolutely no drama. It was seriously the best day I've had in a long time.

First stop for the day: Bailey's Range. And oh my god - it was phenomenal!! 
I had the Dave's Smoked burger - fries with bbq sauce, that's made in house. And this little beauty below is the Strawberry Basil boozy lemonade. SO GOOD!! An excellent lunch choice if you're ever in Downtown St. Louis

Next stop: The Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. The perfect spot for a beer on the patio. Our only complaint? We could have used a breeze. No real worries though. The atmosphere was amazing & it was a really cool place to hang out!

Then to Harpo's, a bar I went to in college frequently. Always a good time!

Next we headed off to the concert & started things off right with baby fireball shots!
The headliner was Dierks Bentley! He had John Pardi, Chase Rice, & Chris Young with him! It was such an amazing time!

We pretended to get drunk on a plane. 

We drank some beers & danced

And took obnoxious photos. Apparently I was incapable of keeping my tongue in my mouth.

And I added 2 new coozies to my collection!

Also, apparently I entered to possibly be a part of a bikini bull riding competition at the PBR bar at Ball Park Village. That would get a few good laughs!!

All in all it was an amazing day & I would do it over a million times! 

Have a great week y'all!

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