July 22, 2014


Hello there Tuesday people! Good to see you again!

Recently I was rewatching the first season of Withes of East End on Netflix. If you haven't seen it - go watch it. Now. Then start season 2 on Lifetime because there are only 3 episodes so far and you'll catch up quick so we can talk about it!

So, Joanna had a quote that I really really relate to. Especially as of late. "How much of what you say to me is bullshit & how much is actually sincere?" She said that and I was like YES! so much yes! I feel this way about a great deal of people. Probably more than is normal.

Some people, I'm sure, are actually being sincere it's just I have a really big problem with the whole trusting people thing - so I always meet something that sounds sincere with a raised eyebrow & heavy dose of sarcasm.

And then there are other people who say things that sound like they're sincere & meaningful (I'm positive they are not) & not 5 minutes later follow up with acting like an utter d-bag & can fuck right off. Then they go on to say something super nice. You're ups & downs are giving me motion sickness! 

It's these people who make me want to ask: "How much of what you say to me is bullshit & how much is actually sincere?" 

I ask you, do you have people in your life that make you want to ask that question? Why do we continue to put up with it?! I'd really like some insight on this

Have a grrreaaaat day, y'all!!
sincerely ;)

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