July 31, 2014

the road to self-acceptance


In lieu of working right now I'm blogging, obviously. The sunshine, despite the shades, is coming in my window at an awkward angle & making for extremely horrid color corrections. Next best thing, blog!

As I was doing my daily browsing & interweb hopping I came across THIS post by Rosie over at The Londoner. She talks about The Anti-Diet & I absolutely love the idea of it. Living life, loving your body, & filling it with things that are good for you instead of crap. She's a smart girl. 

She talks about living by an 80/20 rule. Being "good", eating healthy & for sustainability 80% of the time. And 20% of the time you can treat yourself to let's say, a corn dog & lemon shake up! ;)

The last week or so I have started concentrating on eating healthier & not filling my body with processed crap. And wouldn't ya know it, I'm starting to feel much better & have a lot more energy.

This week we've also amped out workouts. And by amped our workouts, I do mean put them into hyperactive fat-blasting mode. We're training to be super heroes, obviously. And it's been amazingly satisfying, even if I feel like I'm dying. It's in a good way!!

I'm really happy I found that post today because I struggle with the whole negative body image thing. Getting called fat everyday of 8th grade probably would be the root of this. HINT: I wasn't fat. ANOTHER HINT: at 23 the BULLIED has come a whole hell of a lot further than the BULLIES have come. Also, I have never told anyone in my adult life that. Noone. Not even The Cap'n. Unless I accidentally let it slip during one of our many best friend wine nights. That's something I kind of keep to myself. Welcome to my secret, internet. 

I'm pretty good at acting like I like my body to most people. VERY FEW only one person actually knows how I really feel about myself. AGAIN, welcome to my secret, internet. 

I'm really excited to start this whole anti-diet lifestyle. Living healthy & for me. Learning to love my body & hopefully losing weight & getting stronger along the way! 

She does talk about giving up coffee & diet coke. Those are two things I just cannot do. I don't drink a diet coke every single day. But I do have probably 3-5 a week. And I have multiple cups of coffee a day. I need the caffeine. It's crucial to my & everyone around me('s?) well being. 

Here's to the journey.

ALSO, I'D LIKE TO NOTE: I don't know about you all but I for one cannot believe that today is the last day of July. Is this real life? Summer hasn't even started & it's already over. AMIRITE??

Any tips for self-acceptance? Do you struggle with this too? Let's help each other!!

kisses & caffeine <3

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