August 27, 2014

I went blonde & I'm so fancy

Hiiiiya! It's Wednesday & we need no introduction today!
Vodka and Soda

TECHNICALLY IT IS Tuesday, I was processing images, but my client rescheduled so I no longer have to have images processed tomorrow so now I'm hopping on the blog train today. We'll count that as a confession, I suppose

I DON'T HAVE AN excuse why I haven't been here recently other than I have a lack of inspiration. There for a while I was in a blah mood so everything I tried to write sounded like a major bitch session & that isn't what I want this to be about.

I WENT TO THE OZARKS a couple of weeks ago & there were several biotches who went that decided they didn't like me so YAY! That was fun. And I mean it was fine because I didn't exactly care for them either, but I like to think of myself as an adult so I got my happy little self right over it & tried to be congenial. I pride myself on that quality. But ironically while reading The Berry's Sunday brunch I saw this picture & literally laughed out loud. "If I'm gonna hang out with these girls I need to at least be a little bit drunk." YES! 

ALSO, I'M GONNA CALL these bitches out on being kind of narsty. I had to share a room, whatever, no big I've shared more personal things. So I was the last one to come into the room & I sat down on my bed to grab my bathroom bag to do hygienic things like wash my face & brush my teeth because food & alcohol setting on teeth makes for  cavities & I'm not about that life. So one was like are you going to get that light or do III need to do it?  **cool your jets, sis.** I said yes, I'll get it on my way out I'm not going to bed just yet, I need to brush my teeth. **because, hygiene** She said ugh okay. We're not brushing our teeth so if you'd get the light that'd be great. **sorry, I was unaware these other heffers couldn't speak for themselves** As I walk out of the room, after I hit the light of course, I hear one of them say "why would you brush your teeth at night when you're just going to have to do the same thing in the morning." **wait, what?!** Did these girls' parents not teach them the basics of personal health care. I hate people. Do not try to make me feel bad about my life because you choose to live like a mother loving slob.

I GOT MY HAIRS done a couple weeks ago. Eh, like a week & a half ago. I am now a blonde. And it was kind of an accident, in that I thought we were doing ombre & apparently the words that came out of my mouth that were trying to explain that & my descriptive picture didn't really sit with my girl. And that makes me sad. It was the first time in the whole 12 years she has done my hair that I didn't like it. I like it better now, but I mean my hair turns orange when I go blonde. We all know this. And now I'm biding my time until I go straight pumpkin. 'tis the season though, I guess.. 

THIS WEEK MY GOAL is to not wear real pants to work at all. Except for Saturday, I have a senior girl & that typically calls for me laying on the ground & crawling through weeds, skinnies for that day, leggings for the rest! Also, sorry that my decision to wear leggings as pants ruined your everything. #sorrynotsorry

ANYTIME I hear "first thing's first" I always finish it to myself out loud with "I'm da realest." 

I HAVE HAD IT with all the shit about Ferguson. I'm aware it's a "touchy" subject. But seriously, get the flippity flop over it. I change the channel anytime it is on. I think it's ridiculous the White House sent official to his funeral. Next time an officer dies in the line of duty, which knowing statistics, was probably yesterday do you think the White House will "send an official?" No. they won't. I do hope that his family finds peace in all of this, I really do. I'm not a complete assface. I just think that this has gone entirely too far & too long. 

What are YOUR confessions? I hope you're having a great week!!

Love & coffee

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