January 28, 2015

true life: I'm obsessed with murder shows

OH WEDNESDAY we meet again.

AS I SIT HERE EATING a banana Greek yogurt with dark chocolate & almonds** listening to Serial I realize something. I am obsessed with real life murder cases. #murderobsessed 

OKAY, SO I didn't just realize this. I've known for a while. But the obsession has magnified as of late.

IN FACT, DATELINE is one of my favorite shows. So much of a favorite that I have a favorite reporter. It's Keith Morrison, by the way. And I won't turn it off if Keith Morrison isn't reporting but I definitely get a little upset about it. #ihaveacrushonkeithmorrisonandiamnotashamed #whitehairdontcare #checkoutthatquaffedhair

ANYWHOO, SERIAL. I'm on the bandwagon & you should be too. Unless, as per usual, I'm the last one here on said wagon. #alwaysthelasttoknow #theoppositeofhipster It's a podcast, a reporter chronicles witnesses and evidence about a murder in 1999 trying to figure out if the convicted man is really innocent. It's so good! And addicting. I don't want to stop the listening.

MY OBSESSION IS not limited to real life cases like on Dateline or Serial. I really enjoy Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU (I know they're not usually dead.) #shouldhavebeenadetective

THOUGH I HAVEN'T delved into 2020, I think I would enjoy that show too. #mydvrisalreadyoverflowing

**if you like bananas and you like greek yogurt & you believe that dark chocolate is an underrated chocolate, try this. Now. Go to your nearest supplier of groceries & buy them all. You're very welcome in advance ;)

WHAT DO YOU have to confess this week? I hope you're having a fantastic week!

Making Melissa

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

January 21, 2015

Wednesday: we confess, we hashtag.

Hey y'all! Happy Humpday. Today I'm joining a couple of parties. Humpday Confessions hosted by the wonderful Melissa. And #hashtaghumpday hosted by Laura & Lauren. Join me as I confess my weekly transgressions.

Making Melissa

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

BEATING AROUND THE BUSH is a huge pet peeve of mine. If you want something, flat out ask. I cannot read your mind. And chances are if you don't come right out and ask me, it's #notgonnahappen.

ANOTHER PET PEEVE, while yes it kind of goes with the territory, is; are you going to X event? Yeah, I'll probably be there. Oh! great! Were you planning on bringing your camera? Do you mean the 50 pound suitcase with several thousands of dollars worth of equipment I carry around all day at work? No, I thought I'd leave that at home since it's my day off. **INSERT ACTIVE BITCH FACE HERE** Now, there are few occasions were an ecstatic (seriously) yes! would be interjected. But for the most part, I wouldn't ask anyone to bring their case files or whatever you do for a living to my aunt's 4th cousin's grandpa's ferret's birthday party to discuss the merger of company's, please show me the same courtesy. #thanksaton

IF I HAVE TO TELL you the same thing more than 3 or 4 times chances are I'm coming up with a way to murder you & hide your body in my head. This number has gone up to 3 or 4 from once since I started my business, yay for growing patience. But seriously, LISTEN. #patienceisavirtuebutnotoneipossess

I JUST BLEW MY nose with a paper towel that was sitting next to me on my bed. Turns out it was the paper towel I had my salami snack on & now my face smells like meat. This whole paragraph reads wildly inappropriate. #salamijokesaredirty

I TOOK A NAP after the gym & my shower today because leg day. I set an alarm for 8:30. I got up at 9:10. I'm officially 33 minutes late for work as I type this, but I think I'll stay late & I'm the boss & I own the place so I can do things like this. Plus I don't have any meetings or sessions today so I feel as terrible about it. #6amgymtime #sleepygirl**

Have a fantastic rest of the week! Confess something, it feels damn good.
**late edit add on, because it's still early & wednesday ;)

January 19, 2015

studio tour!

Hiiya! Happy Monday, everyone!

This here is my 100th post. Before my little hiatus I had big plans for my 100th post. I don't remember what they were, so clearly it was super special.

I think a very fitting way to celebrate my 100th post is to share with you the place that has taken up all my time the past few months.

This is my #2 scratch off of my 30 before 30. A long time dream to be photographer & a business owner!! Keep reading to see some images of my studio!

So you might see some 'tours' where the place is absolutely pristine. Fair warning: my studio is clean, but clearly worked in. I didn't have time to straighten things and make everything look perfect. You're seeing what it looks like on the day to day. It works for me & when you're the only one working in a space it can have the type of flow that works for you!

This is what you see as you walk in my doors: Samples of products & work.

Down the hall to the left is my office. Don't judge my desk. It's been busy lately! I refurbished an old farm table to use as my desk.

Futon - Walmart
Chair - Gordman's
Dressing table & round end table - yard sale rescues
Tall stand & matching coffee table - Rescues from my parent's basement (I think from Walmart once upon a time)
Check blanket - Target
Yellow blanket - gift (Which I believe was purchased right under my nose at Tuesday Morning)
Live Laugh Love pillow & super awesome peace sign - The Rack
Yellow chevron pillow & sweet 60s style pillow - flea market find

Across the hall is my bathroom, kitchen, & changing room.

The changing room is serving as a catch all currently because we still have a few electronic things that have yet to be hooked up, so that's where there are being stored!

Sink, Vanity, & toilet - Lowes
Faucet - Amazon
Sink light fixture - custom made by my dad & me
Mirror & owl - Hobby Lobby (before I decided I dislike their business model & the way they do things, why waste perfectly good decor though)
Washboard - antique
Step stool - Rescue from my parent's house
Exhaust fixture - Menards
Paper towel dispenser - Staples

Counter top(s all of them in the building) - Swanstone
Kuerig - Kohls
K-Cup drawer - gift
Drying mat - Bed, Bath, & Beyond

On down the hall to my camera room. Two 6x6 windows for a ton of amazing natural light. Reflectors to mirror from the other side. Tons of chairs, props, & backdrops. A baby puck, a strobe & soft box & my packaging area.

The bathroom tile is from Lowes. The laminate is from a local business, I'm not sure on the brand name, but it is by far the most commented on aspect of the whole space (excluding my work ;))

Maybe not the most in-depth tour in the history of tours but this is my space & I love it! Most of my chairs & props are yard sale finds. But feel free to ask if I didn't mention where something was from!! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

January 14, 2015

welcome, Mr. Tatum.

Making Melissa

I HEARD A BAD RUMOR that humpday confessions were no more. As it turns out like 75% of all rumors**, this particular one was true. While it's sad that Kathy has discontinued her blog & along with it the salacious humpday confessions, I think we'll all be very happy together along with Mr. Tatum over at  our new home - Making Melissa. 

FIRST I MUST confess that I have no idea when Kathy discontinued her blog or the linkup & for that I kind of feel like shit. I've been a bad blogger nonexistent, almost not a blogger at all. I haven't even done anything on my studio blog since mid-August.

IN FACT THE last time I blogged here (save my mini splash back yesterday) was for a little mid-week confess sesh in August. That was like 4.5 months ago, incase you didn't feel like math-ing today. 

SURPRISINGLY ENOUGH, or maybe not so, not a whole lot has changed with me except maybe my caffeine intake. I'll give you one guess which way that went. Here's quick hint: it didn't decrease. I drink more monsters & coffee than any human should. 

I'M WRITING THIS as I wait for my lunch to cook. I eat more boxes of zucchini crisps in a week than anything else. They're so freaking good. With a little sour cream. NOMS. 

I'M BINGING Gilmore Girl's currently while I work. Sometimes it gets so lonely there by myself. 
I'M ALSO PROCRASTINATING editing lots of images & designing things. Blahh.

I'M EATING Butterfinger Bites & they are remarkably unsatisfying. They sounded so good, I drove to the gas station solely to buy them. And even though I feel this way, I continue to eat them. 

I DELETED DISQUS because it was kind of a pain in the ass. What I didn't anticipate was the even bigger pain in the ass it would be to get my comments back to the Blogger format. So now, I'm just missing comments. I think I can deal. Even though I really liked reading all of the nice things everyone posted. 

Hope your having a fantastic week! MWAH

**this statistic is completely fabricated. 

January 13, 2015

the prodigal blogger returns

Hiii!! Did ya miss me? I missed you! And I'm super happy you stopped by today.

As it turns out opening & operating a business is hard freaking work. Not that I really expected anything less. I knew it was going to be hard & that I would probably fall of the face of the planet for a while. But I never thought I would be gone this long. If I left you feeling deprived of snarky witticisms and generally incomprehensible coffee fueled babble I can point you to the direction of others who felt the same deprivation. You all can commiserate. 

From September to December I fervently edited, designed, & finished products. Don't get me wrong here, I loved every minute of it. I just had NO idea I would be SO consistently busy my first few months.
And I am proud to say that the last quarter was not only
A) my first quarter in a brick & mortar location (okay, fine. you got me, it's a polo-building)
but also,
B) my most successful quarter yet. Even with things like large utility bills - such a dirty word - and major purchases involved in having a studio.

So a few things I want to hit on here & will elaborate the next few days. Yes, I will be posting more consistently! YAY!

I have crossed  something else off my 30 before 30 list. - Open the doors to my own studio. This post, complete with pictures, will be coming to you by the end of the week. I need to tidy the place some. But if you follow me on the gram you'll have seen some peeks at my little space.

Here are a few sneaks if you've missed the instaposts

I have started more seriously toward the steps of buying a home. (Goal 24) I have set goals & guidelines about when & how much I add to my savings account. Also in the financial realm I have taken steps to setting up a fund for when I decide I don't want to work anymore. Some people call this retiring, I think. I mean it's not going to be for years, but being self employed you have to have that kind of stuff in line & figured out. 

It's been a long few months, but if you've stuck it out with me - checking back periodically, I thank you. 

Check out my kind of gloat-y & semi-scattered post about how I booked my very first wedding!

Now I must get back to packaging. Stay tuned for a studio tour this week!

cheers -