January 19, 2015

studio tour!

Hiiya! Happy Monday, everyone!

This here is my 100th post. Before my little hiatus I had big plans for my 100th post. I don't remember what they were, so clearly it was super special.

I think a very fitting way to celebrate my 100th post is to share with you the place that has taken up all my time the past few months.

This is my #2 scratch off of my 30 before 30. A long time dream to be photographer & a business owner!! Keep reading to see some images of my studio!

So you might see some 'tours' where the place is absolutely pristine. Fair warning: my studio is clean, but clearly worked in. I didn't have time to straighten things and make everything look perfect. You're seeing what it looks like on the day to day. It works for me & when you're the only one working in a space it can have the type of flow that works for you!

This is what you see as you walk in my doors: Samples of products & work.

Down the hall to the left is my office. Don't judge my desk. It's been busy lately! I refurbished an old farm table to use as my desk.

Futon - Walmart
Chair - Gordman's
Dressing table & round end table - yard sale rescues
Tall stand & matching coffee table - Rescues from my parent's basement (I think from Walmart once upon a time)
Check blanket - Target
Yellow blanket - gift (Which I believe was purchased right under my nose at Tuesday Morning)
Live Laugh Love pillow & super awesome peace sign - The Rack
Yellow chevron pillow & sweet 60s style pillow - flea market find

Across the hall is my bathroom, kitchen, & changing room.

The changing room is serving as a catch all currently because we still have a few electronic things that have yet to be hooked up, so that's where there are being stored!

Sink, Vanity, & toilet - Lowes
Faucet - Amazon
Sink light fixture - custom made by my dad & me
Mirror & owl - Hobby Lobby (before I decided I dislike their business model & the way they do things, why waste perfectly good decor though)
Washboard - antique
Step stool - Rescue from my parent's house
Exhaust fixture - Menards
Paper towel dispenser - Staples

Counter top(s all of them in the building) - Swanstone
Kuerig - Kohls
K-Cup drawer - gift
Drying mat - Bed, Bath, & Beyond

On down the hall to my camera room. Two 6x6 windows for a ton of amazing natural light. Reflectors to mirror from the other side. Tons of chairs, props, & backdrops. A baby puck, a strobe & soft box & my packaging area.

The bathroom tile is from Lowes. The laminate is from a local business, I'm not sure on the brand name, but it is by far the most commented on aspect of the whole space (excluding my work ;))

Maybe not the most in-depth tour in the history of tours but this is my space & I love it! Most of my chairs & props are yard sale finds. But feel free to ask if I didn't mention where something was from!! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

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  1. I LOVE your studio! It looks so homey and cozy and like a great place to do business and to visit as a client. So much luck to you in growing your biz and congrats again!