January 28, 2015

true life: I'm obsessed with murder shows

OH WEDNESDAY we meet again.

AS I SIT HERE EATING a banana Greek yogurt with dark chocolate & almonds** listening to Serial I realize something. I am obsessed with real life murder cases. #murderobsessed 

OKAY, SO I didn't just realize this. I've known for a while. But the obsession has magnified as of late.

IN FACT, DATELINE is one of my favorite shows. So much of a favorite that I have a favorite reporter. It's Keith Morrison, by the way. And I won't turn it off if Keith Morrison isn't reporting but I definitely get a little upset about it. #ihaveacrushonkeithmorrisonandiamnotashamed #whitehairdontcare #checkoutthatquaffedhair

ANYWHOO, SERIAL. I'm on the bandwagon & you should be too. Unless, as per usual, I'm the last one here on said wagon. #alwaysthelasttoknow #theoppositeofhipster It's a podcast, a reporter chronicles witnesses and evidence about a murder in 1999 trying to figure out if the convicted man is really innocent. It's so good! And addicting. I don't want to stop the listening.

MY OBSESSION IS not limited to real life cases like on Dateline or Serial. I really enjoy Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU (I know they're not usually dead.) #shouldhavebeenadetective

THOUGH I HAVEN'T delved into 2020, I think I would enjoy that show too. #mydvrisalreadyoverflowing

**if you like bananas and you like greek yogurt & you believe that dark chocolate is an underrated chocolate, try this. Now. Go to your nearest supplier of groceries & buy them all. You're very welcome in advance ;)

WHAT DO YOU have to confess this week? I hope you're having a fantastic week!

Making Melissa

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  1. Yes, yes, yes to this yogurt business. Not so much on the murder shows though. My parents constantly have L&O SVU on and it's just too depressing for me. If I'm going to go for a mystery show I'm all about something with some humor, like Psych.

  2. Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, yes, yes, yes. Keep your eyes peeled - Criminal Minds is getting another spinoff! (Hopefully this one is better than the last attempt...) If you haven't checked it out, try The Killing on Netflix!