January 21, 2015

Wednesday: we confess, we hashtag.

Hey y'all! Happy Humpday. Today I'm joining a couple of parties. Humpday Confessions hosted by the wonderful Melissa. And #hashtaghumpday hosted by Laura & Lauren. Join me as I confess my weekly transgressions.

Making Melissa

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

BEATING AROUND THE BUSH is a huge pet peeve of mine. If you want something, flat out ask. I cannot read your mind. And chances are if you don't come right out and ask me, it's #notgonnahappen.

ANOTHER PET PEEVE, while yes it kind of goes with the territory, is; are you going to X event? Yeah, I'll probably be there. Oh! great! Were you planning on bringing your camera? Do you mean the 50 pound suitcase with several thousands of dollars worth of equipment I carry around all day at work? No, I thought I'd leave that at home since it's my day off. **INSERT ACTIVE BITCH FACE HERE** Now, there are few occasions were an ecstatic (seriously) yes! would be interjected. But for the most part, I wouldn't ask anyone to bring their case files or whatever you do for a living to my aunt's 4th cousin's grandpa's ferret's birthday party to discuss the merger of company's, please show me the same courtesy. #thanksaton

IF I HAVE TO TELL you the same thing more than 3 or 4 times chances are I'm coming up with a way to murder you & hide your body in my head. This number has gone up to 3 or 4 from once since I started my business, yay for growing patience. But seriously, LISTEN. #patienceisavirtuebutnotoneipossess

I JUST BLEW MY nose with a paper towel that was sitting next to me on my bed. Turns out it was the paper towel I had my salami snack on & now my face smells like meat. This whole paragraph reads wildly inappropriate. #salamijokesaredirty

I TOOK A NAP after the gym & my shower today because leg day. I set an alarm for 8:30. I got up at 9:10. I'm officially 33 minutes late for work as I type this, but I think I'll stay late & I'm the boss & I own the place so I can do things like this. Plus I don't have any meetings or sessions today so I feel as terrible about it. #6amgymtime #sleepygirl**

Have a fantastic rest of the week! Confess something, it feels damn good.
**late edit add on, because it's still early & wednesday ;)


  1. Man I wish I was the boss and that I could get my ass up early and work out! I need to get on that. And I totally agree with you on people who beat around the bush and those you have to tell something ten times #canikillthemwithalook?

  2. "my face smells like meat" might be the best thing I'll read all day. I'm SO with you on having to repeat myself; I absolutely HATE it! I aways go with the "like I said..." or "again,..." to get that across ;)

  3. Oh my god I hate people like that! I'm an avid crafter for home decor and before I went home for Christmas my mom and sisters apparently already had crafting plans for ME to do for gifts for OTHER people #mmnothanks #idontworkforfree nothing in comparison to being a photographer but in my mind that's what came up :) ha!

    And I may or may not always think about how I can murder someone or slyly get away with it. It's a common thing. I blame it on my love of Criminal Minds. Thanks for linking up!

  4. YES to all of these things! I'm not a professional photographer, but I my friends are aware that I possess a moderate amount of talent and they always expect me to be the photographer... but what if I want to just enjoy the event too? Le siiiigh.

    I have flex hours at work and as long as I get in 8 hours, I'm good. It's my new favoritest thing evarrrrr.

  5. i laughed so hard at the face smelling like meat. i do that all the time but its normally like cheese or something that my face ends up smelling like.
    i really hate repeating myself - it happened a lot when I moved here because people couldnt understand me, but basically i just stopped talking. so annoying.
    i cant believe people expect you to take like free photos and such. i am not a photographer by any means, but when i was younger i carried my camera around everywhere with me.. i got sick of it - i had a bazillion photos of other people and none of myself lol. then i went to a 21st and the host was so mad when she realised i didn't bring it.. this was the days before iphones, of course.