April 29, 2016

top five playlists to get you through that workout

I can't help but think once upon a time I would have started this post off something like "If you're like me going to the gym is the worst part of the day." But honestly, I can't say that anymore. Is it hard to get out of bed? Hell yes. Most days getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day.

The gym has become one of my happy places.  I put my earbuds in, go about my business and ignore everyone and every thing else. It's the only time of the day I get solely to myself and it is the best. The early morning crowd is the best because the douchebag levels are minimal.

While I do enjoy going to the gym, often times I need a little kick in the pants to get through. And I'm betting you might too. I have compiled this list of workout playlists to get you through that tough workout!

The Britney Body Workout -- currently my personal favorite. For when you're feeling especially 90s.
Get your body right.  For when you're feeling nostalgic for the 2005s.
Cardio -- great for running, because even I hate running most days. 

PAT BENATAR radio on Pandora You can't link to the station from Pandora, or at least I couldn't figure it out. 
I bought this gem so I could walk Sandy & still have my phone in tow in the coming warm months when pockets are fleeting. It has proved to be a great investment.

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April 28, 2016

that one time i accidentally killed my blog

Something terribly horrible happened here yesterday. I straight fucked up my blog. That's right, I dabbled in the HTML. 


I nearly had a panic attack, something I am very accustomed to and not fond of. I wanted to cry. Necessary? Not at all. I wanted to crawl under my desk. Have I done this before? Uhm yeah, not proud of that. I wanted a drink. It was 11 AM on a Wednesday. 

It was not the first time I had done the dabbling. What could go wrong? I can typically follow direction like a champ. And I did, in fact, follow the directions. Then something happened. My bif's got bobbed and it all went to hell. I started to panic. I had made a mistake. 

I googled and googled how to fix the problem. I found how to fix the bopped bif's but I couldn't actually find where the problem was, everything looked fine to me! What the google told me was wrong wasn't actually wrong. Somewhere feed and code got all tangled up. Now I wanted to crawl under my desk.  What kind of dummy doesn't back up the previous work?

I couldn't find a solution. I started thinking about doing the unthinkable; starting the template from scratch. I was really panicking now. As I tried to calm myself, I looked to make sure I knew what template to start from. Then I did it. I did the unthinkable. I completely scrapped my template. It was horror. God I wish I had wine at work. 

Actually it wasn't that bad, mostly everything stayed intact. I only had to fix and add back a few things. But even so, the thought of it! HORROR!

If you were browsing around here yesterday and all the things were fucked, this is why. 

I'm not sure if I have all the add-ons added back in. I think everything looks normal and is functioning normal. This is what I get for trying to be tech-y. I have learned my lesson. And I will let you in on this little lesson because that's the kind of girl I am. Heed my warnings. Don't make the same mistake I did. 


In short, I spent my entire morning and worked right through lunch trying to right my wrong. Then had to stay late at work to get my actual job things done. 

I bet you're curious what I was trying to do aren't you? I would be. I was displeased with the quality of my related posts widget provided by link within. The posts they were showing were, in fact, not related at all. I wanted something better. That's how I screwed my code up.

But I'll be damned if I didn't get a widget that I liked. I used THIS TUTORIAL  and I happen to love it.

Have you dabbled in coding? Hell are you good at it and I'm the odd ball who doesn't know a damn thing?
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April 27, 2016

confessions of an addiction & a compressed spine

I have been trying to give up diet coke for 4 weeks. KEYWORDS HERE: trying & 4 weeks. I usually get through Monday pretty well. Tuesday comes and I'm straight jonesing. Sometimes I make it through. Sometimes people are so stupid. I cannot deal with them. A diet coke and it's fizzy bubbly goodness is the only thing to make get me through. #stopscapegoatingmysilvercylinderofjoy
I have been drinking fairly decent wine lately, like between the $12-$20 range. I know, dreaming big and living large over at My Favorite Day. I went to crack open a new bottle; a kind that I had previously been enjoying, and it tasted bodiless. So thin and watery. Now this does not mean I didn't drink it, but it does mean I will need to be making a trip to buy more wine. #apparentlynowiamawinesnob
I went to the chiropractor last week for the first time in three years.  My first mistake, you ask? Waiting three freaking years. I was so out of whack that he couldn't even adjust me all the way the first time I went. I had to be hooked up to the TENS, which I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of my favorite. Then had to go back 2 days later to get knocked and popped around. 

The verdict? A compressed lower spine and posture so shitty I'll be Quasimodo's twin sister by the time I'm 45. yay!

The remedy? Sit on a balance ball at work and whenever I'm lounging at home. 5-8 minutes on the inversion table 3 days a week. And I had better start doing yoga so I can you know, continue to move. Also, do more lateral work outs. BLAH.  #imonly25howdidthishappen?

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April 26, 2016

greek yogurt chicken salad

CHICKEN SALAD is one my my favorite foods. The only downfall is it is always chalk full of high calorie-bad-for-you ingredients. Which is totally fine once in a while, but when you want it all of the time it can be a real big bummer!
Healthy Chicken Salad

Sunday I thought I'd try my hand at making a recipe using greek yogurt. Being the blogger that I am  naturally I decided: let's photograph the process. Plus Sandy was at her grandparents' so I could work without a pup  constantly underfoot  patiently waiting for a dropping.

Holy moly, y'all. Those gals (and guys) who blog recipes put in a TON of work! I didn't exactly think it would be a breeze, but damn. It was very effortful to cut, measure, and arrange all of the ingredients to be photographed. Props to you all who do this 5 days a week! I, for one, might not ever do it again! And I'm only about half joking when I say that I may never do that again.

The recipe itself is really easy to put together. And honestly you can sub any of the filler ingredients. If you want to add grapes and not apples or use grapes and apples, go for it! Bell peppers aren't your thing? That's cool, add some celery if you wish! It's super simple and so flexible. Make it your own.

 Cook the chicken however you like. I pan grilled mine. But you could totally used left over rotisserie chicken or anything like that! Let that cool while you dice the apple & pepper. Then dice, shred, cube, whatever you fancy the chicken. Then you just mix all the ingredients together. Put it in the fridge for a while so it gets nice and cold and all the flavors can mix and meld together.

You can plate it up a la carte, on toast, crackers, a croissant if you wish; although that kind of defeats the purpose.... I served mine up with some lemonade.
1 lb chicken breast
1 cup greek yogurt
1 apple -- I used a fuji apple, use what you like
1 orange bell pepper (feel free to omit)
1 cup almond slices
1 tsp garlic
1/2 tsp seasoning salt -- I use country bobs (locally made)
1/2 tsp salt - I used pink Himalayan salt.

I hope you try it and love it! Let me know what you think!

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April 25, 2016

weekending & whatnots vol. 2

GOOD MORNING! I hope your Monday is off to an excellent start. Here's another addition of weekending to get us stared for the week.

This weekend I had Saturday off & it was so incredibly nice. One of my roommates from college got married and I was lucky enough to be an attendee rather than having to work! Between the wedding and reception the boy and I went to Urban Chestnut, if you're ever in the STL area you need to visit one of their locations. We sat outside, dank beers, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

The reception was at the City Museum. It was so beautiful and so much fun catching up with all of my college friends. I sometimes only see them once or twice a year.

I discovered CHOCOLATE COVERED KATIE earlier this and thought I'd try out some of her recipes. I made the FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE BLENDER MUFFINS on Sunday. These are so dang good! I 100% recommend!
On Sunday I did my grocery shopping and then spent the afternoon outside reading and napping. I have a lovely farmer's tan sunburn to show for this!

I also tried my hand at blogging about my adventures in the kitchen. I will have a post up about that soon! I invented a chicken salad recipe & it's pretty good!
chicken salad
This morning (Monday) I got up and made myself some coffee, obviously. And then thought I'd try out these FLOURLESS PANCAKES by Chocolate Covered Katie. Seriously y'all, I found her blog and I.AM.OBSESSED. I pinned like a thousand recipes. The pancakes were absolutely delicious, but mine looked SO UGLY! I was embarrassed to even take a picture of them to share! I totally should have just for kicks. Alas, alack.

I'm a baker. I bake really well. Stovetop cooking is not my jam. I have a tendency to get the stove too hot. My house has an old electric stove and I have successfully ruined every spatula I have ever used on it. 

What were you up to this weekend? Have a great week, everyone!
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April 23, 2016

a currently update vol. 2

a currently update

GOOD MORNING! And happy Saturday to you! I have officially blogged more this week than I did in the whole of 2015! I am proud of me. It's time for another currently update!

WATCHING: this. on repeat. or, if you prefer there is an hour long version.
LISTENING:  this playlist is currently giving me life. 

WEARING: all of the maxi skirts. all of the times. so.comfortable.

SNACKING: live g free ancient grain crackers in the chili lime flavor. these are also giving me life. {I'm not on a g-free diet, these are just effing awesome}

SIPPING: anything dark, red & dry  -- wine, of course.

PLANNING: deep in the midst of a brunch & bubbly wedding shower - to be hosted  a week from today. Along with a small bachelorette get together that evening.

READING: as hot as it was you ought to thank me -- Nanci Kincaid.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: writing to you all very soon from my she-shed sunroom. my vision is fierce these days. It's going to be a beautiful addition to my & Sandy's girl pad.

What are you up to these days? I hope your weekend is fabulous!


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April 22, 2016

my mama don't like you.

LET'S TAKE a moment to set the scene, if you will.

There was this one time my P.I.C. called me at 5:47 on a Tuesday to go to the Justin Bieber concert at 7.  My answer HELL.YES.

Now, you're probably thinking "GIRL, THAT'S PLENTY OF TIME TO MAKE IT." Mind you, we live about 70 miles from where the concert was. (73.5 to be exact) AND we were both still at work, she another 20 minutes away from home. I, approximately 1 mile from home.

It was possibly the best choice we could have ever made. Our seats were to the side of the stage and honestly kind of behind it. BUT we were in the second row of the middle section. READ: we were really freaking close and could see everything happening back stage. FASCINATING.

April 20, 2016

dry shampoo & mermaids - the modern day dream

IT'S WEDNESDAY, you know what the means!

I have never related to anything more in my life. #dirtyhairdontcare

These are my daily feels #adultingisdumbasshit

On days when I am too lazy to cook, which lets face it is most days, I just throw chicken in the crockpot with a can or jar of something and call it a day. boom dinner and lunch for 4 days. #imactuallynotlazyimreallyeffingbusy

When I finished PLL on the flix last week I struggled with what to watch next. Usually my go to is the Gilmore's, but I wanted to wait a little longer this time in between a series re-watch. I decided I would do One Tree Hill. But instead of starting at season 1 like a normal person I started on season 8, because I have realized that OTH kind of sucks up until then. **gasps** It used to be my favorite. Not so much. I guess people do change. <--- ha get it? ha ha ha. #chronicbingewatcher

I laugh at my own stupid jokes entirely too much. I can't help that I'm hysterical. #imreallynotthatfunny

When people call and leave a message and do not leave a contact number, email, morse code signal, anything. I mentally stab them with the pen I am holding to take down their information. #pleaseleaveyournameANDnumber

I have always {and probably always will} start my weekly confessions & favorites posts having barely just posted one. I keep lists on my phone, of course, but if I am near or at my computer I just click that new post tab and start documenting right then. Who's with me here? I cannot possibly be the only one!! #ilikelists #ialsoforgetalot

confessions, anyone?

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