April 10, 2016

a currently update vol 1

a currently update

WATCHING: Pretty Little Liars -- I gave up on this one a while back and started binging it recently. It's much easier to watch in the binge format.

LISTENING: Podcast of the moment is Gilmore Guys. Stick with it. The first season is rough. I
skipped around. Second season is better.

WEARING: An oversized tee and yoga pants. It's be best.

SNACKING: carrots

SIPPING: Pinot Grigio Saturday evening when I began writing. Sunday morning as I finish good ol' water.

PLANNING: Attending Cardinals home opener on Monday! Yippee!!

LOVING: the two giant guard dogs I have sitting right under me as I write this. I've been watching my parents German Shepherd Buster this weekend & I have my Sandy here as well. No personal space.

Slowly but surely getting back at this. I must go clean now. What are you up to currently?

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