April 7, 2016

begin again

I HAVE BEEN HAVING LOTS of thoughts as of late so much so that I wanted to start writing again. I considered starting a new blog because I feel like I have changed so much since the former days of MY FAVORITE DAY. Then I got to thinking: our past shapes us so why try to start from scratch when I had this perfectly sweet little space already set up & running. Now, don't go making fun of the 20-23 year old version of me -- I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.

I feel the reason I stopped publishing was that I felt a whole lot of pressure (solely from myself) to keep coming back every.single.day. to write. It was all too much and I felt like I was letting myself and everyone down when I didn't. (CRAZY, I'M WELL AWARE.)

I'm done putting pressure on myself. If I write, I write. If I don't, I don't. At one point this was my safe place & so freaking fun! I came here to say all the things I wanted to say out loud but could not. I want it to be that way again. I may have to go back and edit some of my old posts, young Em was an asshole and had even less of a filter than mature (ISH) Em does! I might even share this with people I know IRL **GASPS** However, I'm not jumping that gun just yet, that seems a little too risqué.

I'll be making some updates and changes to the space because as I said before I have changed quite a bit. I want this space to reflect who I am now.
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